Target which has about 1,800 stores nationwide is recognized as the second-largest retailer in North America. The company promises a “clean and spacious” shopping zone and uses the familiar red color scheme to stand out from the plethora of discount stores.

The company’s official website alone has more than 1 million visitors every day. The physical store has lots of accessories, clothes, and home goods.

But while Target is a popular destination for savvy shoppers, both virtually and physically, most people don’t know the interesting facts behind this retail giant.

In this article, I put together some interesting target facts that even the average customer probably doesn’t know.

Interesting Target Facts You Should Know

1. The first Target store opened in the 1960s.

Although Dayton founded his company in the early 1900s, the first Target shop didn’t open in Roseville, Minnesota, until the 1960s. The new store was promoted as “a store you can be proud to shop in, a business you can have trust in, [and] a store that is enjoyable to shop in and thrilling to visit” on May 1, 1962, when it held its grand opening. Three additional Target stores opened by the year’s end.

2. Target started with a church fire.

When he acquired a plot of land in Minneapolis, Minnesota that had previously been the Westminster Presbyterian Church’s home, real estate entrepreneur George Dayton snatched opportunity from the embers of possibility that were still smoldering. Dayton was able to construct a six-story commercial structure on the church’s former site after it burned down in 1895. Dayton urged Goodfellows Dry Goods to relocate there after deciding that it required the main store. The family launched the Target discount franchise in 1961 as a result of the expanding retail market.

3. Those big red balls outside Target stores are for your safety.

Bollards are enormous concrete balls that are present in front of several Target locations. They add to the crimson aesthetic of the store, but they also have a practical function: they prevent cars from crashing into the door.

One married couple was moved by the bollards and decided to publish pictures of themselves engaging with them every day for a year on Facebook and Instagram. (Don’t play with them too much, though. When the business covered the balls in decorative cloth with a beach ball color in 2007, consumers complained that kids would kick them and break their foot.)

4. Target once helped repair the Washington Monument in D.C.

Target contributed $1 million and helped raise $4 million to finish the improvements in 1997 when Congress was unwilling to approve funding for the monument’s upkeep.

5. Target made its first $1 billion in sales in 1979.

A pivotal year for the Target Corporation was 1979. During this period, the company’s 74 Target stores alone generated its first $1 billion in annual sales, and to celebrate, they held a “Billion Dollar Sale” for all of their loyal customers.

6. Target once opened 11 stores in one city in one day.

Target took a bold step to launch 11 stores in Chicago on the same day in March of 1993. The fierce launch may be to stay ahead and stand strong against competitors like Kmart and Walmart. That two competitors were making moves in Chicago at the same time.

7. Some Target stores are downsizing.

The retailer’s latest strategy is not to open airplane hangar-sized stores, but to open smaller locations using areas where real estate is highly valued. At 17,000 square feet, it’s only 15% the size of a typical target. These locations serve a ‘grab-and-go’ customer base near the university that takes public transportation and only stocks up on a handful of items. The company has opened about 100 stores nationwide and plans to add 30 more each year.

8. The company used to also own department stores.

Most people might be surprised that Target corporation doesn’t just start with launching Target stores. Before 2004, the retail company own a number of department store chains like the Marshall Fields in Chicago. Later on, it shifted focus to building the Target brand and making it grow.

9. Target produces its own credit card.

Many people should be aware of this. If you don’t, Target provides a gift card called the Redcard. It’s a prepaid card that is loaded with a certain amount which can then be used to make purchases at the store. In Nigeria, you can sell Target gift cards for cash.

10. Target attempted and failed to expand into Canada.

Target launched its first store in March 2013 and covered about 133 locations in Canada by January 2015. Unfortunately, the combination of fierce competition and limited selection restricted Target Canada from succeeding. In April 2015, the company lost $2.1 billion which led to its shutting down.

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