iTunes Gift Cards allows you to purchase products/services from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks, and Apple Music. It is a valuable asset that can make your digital handset an entertainment package. The primary purpose of an iTunes gift card is to shop for items on the Internet. You can buy apps, books, TV shows, songs, or anything you want from the platforms mentioned above. Even if you do not use it to redeem gifts, you can sell the iTunes gift card for good cash. However, as it goes, to get a favorable rate for the gift card, you must sell it effectively.

The iTunes gift card rate will differ based on the platform you are heading to for selling it. Some will offer better rates as compared to the competitor platform. You need to consider the various pros and cons of the platform you intend to sell the card. The iTunes gift card rate depends on a wide range of factors. You need to consider these variables and leverage them to determine the gift card’s exact price and project the return on investments.

Factors That Determine iTunes Gift Card Rates

The article elaborates on the myriad variables that influence how much money the seller will receive for the iTunes gift card. These factors are:

  • The primary factor that impacts the iTunes gift voucher rate is the country it is made. Therefore, some gift cards have a higher value than others in the same category. For instance, as per the writing date of this article, Switzerland’s $100 physical iTunes gift card has a higher worth than the US’s at -N-32,000 to -N-25,000.
  • Another determining factor is the nature of gift cards. Based on the prerequisites, the iTunes gift voucher may be physically or digitally sold. How it is sold heavily determines the price. For example, the US $100 iTunes online gift card -N-27,000 has a higher worth than the physical one -N-25,000.
  • The selling price also depends on the amount of money you preload in the card. So, without any ambiguity, a $100 card will have a lower worth than a $500 iTunes gift card.
  • A low card balance tends to reduce the card rate.

Besides these fundamental factors, various other reasons such as exchange rates contribute to the rise and fall of iTunes card rates. It is highly volatile and changes on a continual basis. Thus, you may find it daunting to determine the exact rate at a particular time.

But as technology is advancing, it has made it easier for you to calculate the rates. The iTunes gift card rate calculator enables you to analyze the rates at any given time seamlessly. Thus, the sellers can remain assured and effectively use the opportunity to get the best rates. It removes the traditional hassle of heading to Google every time to find out the rates of iTunes gift cards.

To Conclude:

A clear understanding of the various factors will enable you to gauge the iTunes gift card rates effectively and open up avenues to get the best returns. The variables mentioned above are the most influential factors influencing how much the seller will be receiving for their iTunes gift card.

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