Businesses that have used gift cards have benefited and seen an increase in profits. We also can’t argue that by giving individuals gift cards rather than actual gifts, people have made better gift selections over time. Gift cards have several advantages that its users may take full advantage of.

Every brand of gift card has a resale value since you do not receive the face value of the card when you exchange it for cash. In other words, the gift card does not provide its owner the full face value. Depending on the platform you’re using, there are several differences in the price of redeeming gift cards. The resale value of a gift card is what attracts customers.

In no specific order or sequence, this article has listed the top 10 gift cards with the most resale value in Nigeria.

Best Gift Cards In Nigeria With The Highest Rates

1. Steam Gift Card

On the Steam platform, gift cards can be used to buy PC games, software, and other compatible products with the Steam brand. The value of the gift card will first be transferred to your Steam wallet, and only then can you use the Steam code. In Nigeria, a $100 UK Steam card is equivalent to around 49,000 Naira at this present time.

2. iTunes Gift Card

You can purchase applications, music, games, and other digital items from the iTunes store using an iTunes gift card. It is pricey in Nigeria because to its extremely high value; a $100 UK iTunes gift card is equivalent to N39,000 at this present time.

3. Google Play Gift Card

Access to the Google Play Store is unrestricted with a Google Play gift card. You can buy applications, movies, games, and TV series using this card from the shop. A $100 Google Play Physical gift card is equivalent to more than N46,000 in Nigeria at this present time.

4. Amazon Gift Card

You may buy goods and digital entertainment content on the Amazon platform with these gift cards. Approximately 92% of the card’s initial value will be given to you in Nigeria when you exchange it.

5. Sephora Gift Card

With a focus on beauty items, Sephora is a well-known brand in both Europe and the United States. It has grown in popularity in Nigeria, and when sold, the gift card fetches a premium price.

6. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom focuses on designer apparel and high-end gadgets. This business offers gift cards that may be used to buy the brand’s goods in person or online. It is a sought-after and pricey gift card due to its high resale value.

7. eBay Gift Card

eBay gift cards are popular amidst consumers, how will this section be skipped? They are given out by eBay for making purchases on their website, and if you don’t utilise them on eBay, you can cash in on them and earn a lot when excahnge for cash.

8. Target Gift Card

Target is a retailer in the US that sells gift cards to consumers that may be used to buy a variety of goods at Target’s physical locations or online sites.

9. Amex Gift Card

Another expensive gift card that may be used at any American online merchant is the American Express gift card. The current price of an Amex gift card ranges from 38,000 Nigerian Naira at this present time.

10. Vanilla Visa Gift Card

The Vanilla Visa brand is well-known in Nigeria. The gift card is straightforward to use and has a high market value. It is thus one of Nigeria’s most costly gift cards. Vanilla Visa gift cards are offered on Amazon as well as in physical locations.

Best Gift Card Trading Platform

CardNosh (popularly known as NOSH) is a platform that specializes in purchasing digital assets such as gift cards, and settles it’s users with ideal money in return for cash value of the cards in order to meet their immediate monetary needs. Many people are put off by the difficulties of exchanging gift cards for cash, Nosh comes into play in this situation.

We’ve had a great run with the Nosh App because it has completely focused its services on making the trade of any gift card seamless. Nosh offers quick payment in return for gift cards. Customers can exchange gift cards on the go, anytime and anywhere, thanks to its web platforms (website, android app and iOS application.)

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