Appreciating your employees with gift cards is one of the great ways to recognize and encourage them. People enjoy knowing that their efforts are appreciated.

Additionally, there are several possibilities for gift card options as employee appreciation gifts. They are ideal gifts for employee recognition programs.

Blackhawk Network conducted research and found that 69 percent of the workers it polled indicated they would adore receiving a gift card from their employer as a reward.  They also emphasized that gift card recipients were more likely to use them to make purchases for themselves

Are you confused about the perfect gift cards to appreciate your employees? This article will show you 10 ideal gift cards. Let’s get started.

When to Use Employees’ Gift Cards?

Work Party: The perfect time to give your employees gift cards will be during team bonding sessions, work anniversaries, and annual parties. Winners of the party games can also be rewarded with gift cards.

Lunch: Treat your team to lunch by providing gift cards to a nearby restaurant. You just won their heart.

Monthly allowance: Piled-up expenses are inevitable among salary earners. It will be a great relief to your staff if you can support them with a monthly gift card stipend.

Give out Perks: Perks aren’t only necessary during a work anniversary or as a reward for hitting a target. You can just give it out as a sign of encouragement and appreciation.

Benefits of Creating an Employee Gift Card Program

Creating an Employee gift card program is a long-lasting solution that frequently benefits both the employer and the employees.

What this program can achieve for you as an employer is listed below.

1. Self-treatment for Employees

Making a gift card program provides employees the option to treat themselves. It is similar to providing them with a compensation for their hard work.

2. Memorable

Employee gift card programs are special in that you can select the benefits you want to receive.

3. Tax Savings

Depending on the value provided, employee gift card programs can assist businesses in saving money on taxes.

4. Transparency

It can be awkward to bring up the subject of cash and spot bonuses with coworkers. Gift cards, however, may be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

5. Flexible for any Budget

If your business can only afford $50 per card or several hundred dollars, you can adjust the amount with an employee gift card program.

Top 10 Ideal Gift Cards For Employees

DoorCash Gift Card

Many employees may appreciate receiving a DoorDash gift card because it enables them to order from a range of restaurants. Additionally, it lessens the strain of having to prepare a meal after a long day at work.

The recipients of the gifts must enjoy them in order for the program to be successful. Gift cards with options, like those from DoorDash, make excellent rewards.

Amazon Gift Card

The biggest online retailer in the world is Amazon. Amazon provides items in every known category. Whether an employee like sports, gardening, or home renovation is irrelevant.

The option to buy items that are especially suited to their interests and hobbies using an Amazon gift card is a favorite perk among employees. The products they select will be delivered in time, thanks to Amazon Prime.

Target Gift Card

I like to recommend Target and Walmart gift cards to employers since they can be used to buy a range of goods when flexibility is needed. You desire new patio furniture. You can acquire that. Require a new phone? Easy. Lacking milk? You can also acquire that.

Employees may use their reward cards to purchase almost anything they require, and there are locations close to most people. It also provide curbside pickup in addition to online shopping.

Uber Gift Card

Uber Gift Cards are the ideal kind of transportation tool for your staff. The Uber gift card is a fantastic method to cut costs and steer clear of driving hassles.

To enjoy the best of both worlds, employees can Uber to and from their corporate holiday party.

Spotify Gift Card

Now, each employee is free to follow their own rhythm and do their own thing. This gift certificate is excellent for corporate artists.

This employee gift card is a fantastic way to introduce your staff to new music. Life is all about the little pleasures, and this gift card will add a bit of flavor.

Applebee Gift Card

Another well-known eatery that is great for special events or a romantic evening is Applebee’s.

The majority of people would be grateful to get a gift card from this organization because the menu has something for everyone.

Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks and the corporate mode go hand in hand. This international coffee business is well renowned for giving American commuters a boost in the morning.

The gift card for coffee will be greatly appreciated by your staff. It enables people to take pleasure in their preferred caffeinated beverage. Everyone adores Starbucks.

Finish Line Gift Card

There is no doubt that many people spend a lot of money on shoes and clothing. Particularly if they need to purchase particular apparel for work, such as a dress or business casual attire.

Given that buying casual clothing and footwear can be pricey, Finish Line is a fantastic option to purchase gift cards for staff members.

Coldstone Creamery Gift Card

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Everyone enjoys the mouthwatering ice cream varieties from Cold Stone Creamery, including Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Cup Perfection. On the menu, which includes frozen yogurt, there is something for everyone.


Get your staff a Spafinder gift card, which can be redeemed at spas and salons all around the country, for a more serene experience.

Spafinder gift cards can be used to pay for a variety of personal treatments, from a foot reflexology massage to a new hairstyle just in time for spring.


It’s crucial to realize that employees prefer receiving tangible rewards for appreciation, whether you build personalized awards or offer them gift cards to well-known retailers. Even though saying “thank you” out loud is wonderful, it’s not always the best method to recognize hard work.

Employee appreciation programs frequently demonstrate your appreciation for your staff, and award programs reflect the culture and values of your business. Giving an employee a gift card as a reward for their efforts is a wonderful gesture. If the employees choose to sell the gift cards for cash instead, Nosh is their ideal exchanging site.

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