Giving someone a gift card so they may select their own present is a great idea. The chance to make your own decisions can be argued to be the best gift you can give someone. Given the wide range of possibilities available today, it is not surprising that gamers have more options than ever.

Gift cards for games are excellent options because buying gifts for gamers may be challenging. But what qualities mark a good gift card for gaming? In this article, we will examine various gaming gift cards and gift cards for particular games.

Types of Gaming Gift Cards

There are many various kinds of gift cards for video games, but, we will concentrate on online gift cards for consoles, PC games, mobile games, and other video games. We will discuss how to choose between them and offer our suggestions for the best options.

Below are the main types of gaming gift cards:

Platform-Specific gift card

When you purchase a platform-specific gaming gift card, your recipient can select from all of the games that are offered for that platform. It’s preferable to give someone a platform-specific gift card if they already know what game they want to play, but it’s not always easy to predict what your favorite games will be.

Game-Specific gift card

Purchasing a gift card for a specific game enables your recipient to select just that game. Game-specific cards are great for someone who is very clear about what he wants because they are restricted to just one game. A gift card for a specific game, such as The Witcher 3, is a great option if you know your friend truly wants it.

Console Gaming gift card

A console gaming gift card works exactly like a gift card for a specific game, with the exception that you can choose from any game on any platform. Given how expensive some console games can be, giving a console game as a present is particularly thoughtful and advantageous for players who have everything but don’t want to stick to just one game. The official options for each platform are gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop.

Mobile Gaming gift card

Mobile gaming gift cards provide you the same freedom of selection as gift cards for video games on consoles. We believe that the ideal way to provide your player option over which game to play is to match mobile gaming cards with a console gaming card or a game-specific card.

Top Game-Specific Gift Cards

These days, there are so many fantastic games available that it might be difficult to pick just one. Game-specific gift cards are the perfect option if you’re shopping for a gamer and want to be sure they get exactly what they want. These are some of our top picks for gamers who like PC, PS4/5, or Xbox games:

World of Tanks

World of Tanks gift cards can be exchanged for free gifts like in-game gold bullion, premium account status, virtual goods, and more. The best news is that getting one won’t require you to take out a second mortgage on your home. Currently, GameStop shops across North America as well as online through their website carry these cards (exclusively for US residents).


You would imagine it’s difficult to find a fun new way to purchase Minecraft gift cards given that the internet shopping landscape is dominated by blocks. You’d be mistaken, though, as there are many fantastic gift card options available, including real-world Minecraft cards and digital gift cards that work on any platform. One of these fantastic presents would be adored by any gamer.


While Fortnite, a multiplayer first-person shooter by Epic Games, may not be as well known as Overwatch, it does have a devoted fan base. Give an Epic Games gift card to a Fortnite enthusiast if you’re looking for a present. It includes a $15 bonus that may be used to buy character skins and other in-game stuff or extra V-Bucks (money) to buy cosmetics.

League of Legends (LoL)

One of those games that keeps changing and surprising its users long after it has been introduced is League of Legends. A brand-new map is one of the game’s most sought features, and LoL recently revealed a new edition with it! League of Legends is about to have new characters, settings, and much more, so gift cards for the game are a great choice for any player.

Best Gaming Gift Cards

Steam Gift Card

Steam is a hugely successful platform with 120 million monthly users and over 50,000 games. There is no question as to why it consistently ranks at the top of most players’ rankings given the aforementioned numbers and analytics.

Steam gift cards come in several dollar amounts, including $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, and $100, among others. These gift cards can be used to both purchase software through the Steam website and to redeem them on Steam website.

The best part is that, even if you don’t enjoy gaming, you can still make money by selling Steam gift cards for cash. On the Nosh app, Steam Cards are among the top gift cards with the best exchange rates.

PlayStation Network Gift Card

One of the best presents for gamers who own a PS4 or PS5 are PlayStation gift cards, which are pre-paid credit cards for PlayStation Network purchases. They are available for purchase online, through a mobile provider on your phone, or at retailers like GameStop and Walmart.

The PlayStation Network gift card is a popular gift card option. You can use the card to subscribe to PlayStation services or to rent or buy PlayStation movies and TV shows in addition to using it to play games.

The best gift card for gamers is a PlayStation Network gift card since you may use it to buy any PlayStation-exclusive games or downloadable content.

Razer Gold Gift Card

A much-loved and accessible gaming card is offered by the Razer Gold Gift Card for gamers, including PC gamers who play online.

You can buy any game or piece of software with this gift card as long as it’s offered by Razer. It works nearly just like a Steam gift card.

This gift card will be valued and appreciated because it combines with the credit of a huge, ardent gamer. As a result, they are spared the expense of buying gift cards from other game shops.

There are always $10 to $1000 razer game gift cards available. Among the most popular gaming gift cards available today are Razer Gold Gift Cards. You can exchange your Razer Gold gift cards for quick cash here on Nosh.

Xbox Live Gift Card

The Xbox Live gift card is one of the most well-liked gaming presents for Xbox console users. Giving a friend or member of your family an Xbox Live gift card will allow them to play games online and earn incentives.

The Xbox Live gift card makes a great present for anyone who enjoys playing video games, especially on Xbox consoles. With the release of the Xbox Series X/S, the next age of gaming has begun, and you don’t want to miss out on what they have in store for you. The immersion level of your gaming will rise.

The company that makes Xbox, Microsoft, is well-known and popular all around the world. As they continue to expand their skills and services to the market, we anticipate what they will bring to the table in terms of video games.

Openbucks Card

The Openbucks card, one of the payment methods offered by Paysafe Group, enables players to purchase skins and other items on more than 2,000 gaming sites. By the way, this card has no expiration date.

A fantastic gift card for online shopping is the Openbucks gift card. You won’t need to provide any banking or personal information when shopping, making it safer as well. To ensure that users enjoy a safe and secure experience, the platform itself has outstanding security measures in place.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Gift Cards for Gamers

Before making your purchase, it’s crucial to understand certain basics about game systems if you’re shopping for gamer gift cards. By doing so, you can be sure that the person receiving your present will find it meaningful.

Consider the following factors before visiting your preferred retailer to ensure a positive experience when buying gift cards for gamers:

  • Whenever you make a purchase, ensure to keep the receipt. Keep the gift card receipt in case there are any problems with the card.
  • Gift cards should be bought from trustworthy merchants. Think twice before buying gift cards from online auction sites to avoid buying fake or stolen ones.
  • Read the gift card’s terms and conditions. When you purchase gift cards, be aware of what you’re getting. Is there a cost for each use or for not using it at all?
  • Consider alternatives to console packages If your gamer is like the majority of Americans today, he most likely already possesses a gaming console, but chances are it doesn’t have every game currently on the market! So instead of purchasing them another system pack-in game, think about purchasing downloaded stuff.
  • Purchase digitally rather than physically. The majority of users favor buying online codes over amassing stickers or exchanging cash with pals at physical stores.


It’s crucial to select a gift card that is current if you’re shopping for gifts for gamers. You may quickly search through all gift cards that are available online or see what is available at your neighborhood GameStop/Best Buy. Developers of video games create new titles every year, add to their existing product lines, and provide players with access to new platforms.