Do you need the best place to sell Apple gift card? This post is all you need. I will reveal the best place to sell your Apple gift card to cash in Nigeria or Ghana.


There are many websites and apps where you can sell or trade your iTunes gift card. If you are not careful, you can be scammed by fraudsters.


In this article, I will explain why Cardnosh is the best platform to safely sell iTunes cards for Naira or Cedis.


Cardnosh was launched to provide a platform where gift cards can be easily traded without the fear of being scammed. Its app; Nosh, was designed to serve as an easy-to-use tool that people can use to securely trade their gift cards while on the go.


Why Use Cardnosh for Selling Apple Gift Cards?

1.   High Rate

Cardnosh offers the highest rate for gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana. It stands out from the crowd in this area. Apart from helping people to safely sell their Apple gift cards, we also ensure that they make good profits from their trades.


2.   Secure Platform

Both the Cardnosh platform and the Nosh app are secured with the most recent web security technology to give you the peace of mind you deserve when selling and trading your gift cards.


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3.   Fast Transactions

A feature that sets Cardnosh apart from other sites is the fast transactions. Due to the huge number of people that use Cardnosh, we have invested lots of attention into increasing the speed of transactions. All your transactions on the platform will be completed in less than 10 minutes.


4.   Swift Customer Care Service

Cardnosh has a professional team of customer care agents that offer quality gift card services. They attend to issues quickly and are also friendly. They will guide you throughout all the stages of your trades in case you need any help. If you need support, the team is always on ground to offer the help that you need.


Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Apple Gift Cards on Cardnosh

How much is the $100 iTunes gift card on Cardnosh?

The iTunes card rate is not constant; it changes every time. The main thing you need to know is that you will not get 100 percent of your gift card.


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What other gift cards can you sell on Cardnosh?

You can sell many types of gift cards on Cardnosh. This includes, but is not limited to Apple Store, Steam, Walmart, Nordstrom, Vanilla, eBay, Google Play, Best Buy, and Sephora gift cards.


Can you use an Apple gift card anywhere?

If your gift card is an Apple Store gift card, you can only use it in an Apple Store. You can also use it to buy hardware accessories in the Online Apple Store. Also, you can use the gift card to buy clothes in any other store.


Wrapping Up

You can start selling your Apple iTunes gift card and other gift cards on Cardnosh by downloading the Nosh app. Download the Nosh app on Android and iOS and start selling your Apple gift cards for the best rates.

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