Gift cards are unique prepaid cards that carry a particular amount of money and are used to make purchases. They are frequently simple to utilize and might absolutely take the place of using cash or debit cards.

Unfortunately, most of these gift card brands do not have stores in Nigeria. This means that we might not enjoy benefits like buying songs with iTunes cards or playing games with Steam gift cards. In order to still embrace gift cards in Nigeria, the sale and exchange of gift cards became a thing.

However, it has become increasingly hard to find a trustworthy platform to sell and exchange gift cards. I understand the fear which is due to the widespread scams online today.

Everyone is skeptical about gift card trading and curious about the best platform to sell tier gift cards. No more worries. This article will do justice to that. Let’s get started.

What You Should Know Before Using Gift Card Trading Apps?

Gift card exchanges face almost the same hazards as peer-to-peer platforms because they take place online and are virtual. There could be a lot of problems, like difficulties being paid after sales, problems with card confirmation, dishonesty, and so on.

When trying to sell gift cards for cash online, especially in Nigeria, it is very typical to lose money because so many services are unreliable. Good news! Nosh will accomplish the job quite well if you want to avoid the inconveniences associated with your gift card exchange process.

What is Nosh?

Nosh is an online gift card exchange platform built for users to sell, trade, and buy gift cards.

On the Nosh platform, there are various gift cards you can purchase/sell which includes Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Apple gift cards, Nordstrom gift card, American Express gift cards, and Sephora, among others.

The platform is notable for many benefits we will explore soon. Nigerians and Ghanaians can convert gift cards to their local currencies on the platform.

Why Nosh Is The Best Gift Card Exchange Platform?

There are various reasons why Nosh is the best gift card exchange platform. Find them below:

1. Good rates

When selling Apple, Google Play, Amazon, or any other gift card for naira, trading with the top site is always the wisest course of action. When compared to other sites, Nosh offers amazing prices. Your Apple gift card has a decent monetary value.

2. Easy transaction

The Nosh platform makes it easy to convert your gift card to cash. Trading is simple, and the site is simple to use. Even as a newbie, you got nothing to worry about.

3. Readily Available customer support

There is a standby customer support ready to answer your questions and clarify things for you.

4. Swift transaction speed

Swift transaction speed is one distinctive feature that sets Nosh apart from other gift card providers. It is commendable how quickly redeems. The majority of transactions take about 5 minutes to complete. Because of this, Nosh is highly respected and trusted.

5. Guaranteed payment

The certainty of receiving their money is the top concern for each gift card trader. Nosh guarantees you not just your payment but as quickly as possible.

Nosh Mobile App

I absolutely recommend using the mobile app version of Nosh to carry out your trades. Selling gift cards become more seamless and you get your money deposited within five minutes.

The Nosh app’s features are similar to those of the website. Using the app has the benefit of being simple to use. As long as your mobile device is linked to the internet, you can sell a gift card from any location.

Interestingly, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download From Playstore

Download From Appstore


Using the Nosh platform is one of the quickest and safest ways to sell your gift card in Nigeria. You don’t have to look far to find more choices.

Using our platform has several benefits, some of which are mentioned above, and the rest of which you will see for yourself and attest to.

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