Getting the perfect gift for men always comes with deep thoughts. Knowing the kind of gift a man cherishes might not be the issue but exactly which one to buy. What you really don’t want to do is getting him a birthday gift he won’t like. Anything that doesn’t work with their current lifestyle, suits their tastes, or for any other reason.

A gift card is the one present that is nearly certain to be appreciated by the recipient. Despite the fact that gift cards are occasionally viewed as impersonal and less-than-ideal presents, they open up so many options for your friend to choose from. Every time they use the item they bought with your gift card, they will think of you and perhaps even have a pleasant memory.

Curious about the ideal gift cards for men? Not to worry! The best birthday gift card options for men are covered in this article. Let’s get started.

Examples of Gift Cards

1. Amazon Gift Card

When choosing a present, Amazon gift cards are always a reasonable choice. You can be sure he’ll locate it on Amazon if you’re unsure of what he’s looking for. If you give him an Amazon gift card for his birthday, he can use it to construct his next order on the website while keeping your card in his Amazon wallet.

It’s a simple process that guarantees he won’t misplace the Amazon gift card or forget to use it on his subsequent purchase because it happens automatically.

The one drawback of an Amazon gift card is that it does not encourage recipients to purchase something unusual. Receiving a gift card as a birthday present increases the recipient’s propensity to participate in the activity, which is one of our favorite impacts.

A Starbucks gift card, for instance, will encourage them to indulge and have a coffee time at the store.

2. Steam Gift Card

Is your man a lover of games? You can literally get your man screaming like a girl with a Steam gift card. He can purchase watches, games, and other gaming accessories from the Steam online store with the Steam card.

He will be able to improve his players, destroy virtual towns, increase his online tournament winnings, and do other things that gamers do. Trust me, a great present for your boyfriend on his birthday is a Steam card.

3. iTunes Gift Card

Music, movies, TV shows, apps, games, and even Apple Music subscriptions are all available in the iTunes Store. Giving presents is simple with the iTunes Gift Card, especially if your man enjoys the aforementioned products.

Simply choose the desired amount (minimum of $15), and either email it to someone or print it on your home printer to give them. Any Apple Store, a U.S.-based authorized store, or a bulk gift card marketplace like Nosh all carry it in denominations ranging from $10 to $100.

4. Footlocker Gift Card

The Footlocker gift card is a surefire hit as a present if your man like sneakers, clothing, and other sporting goods. This will open up his options and enable him to get whatever it is that he has been secretly wanting for a time.

With the Footlocker gift card, he will be able to take advantage of special offers and early access to a few goods. If he so chooses, he may even sell the gift card on Nosh for cash.


What matters is the thought. A gift card will do wonders for your relationship and show the essential man in your life how much you value them. These four gift cards are perfect for men’s birthdays.

Your man can also decide to trade those gift cards for cash on the Nosh app. Enjoy the best rates and seamless transactions.

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