How to Sell Gift Card Online in Nigeria?

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that are preloaded with funds for future use. They are issued by a bank or retailers to be used as an alternative for cash. You can purchase things within a particular store. There are two ways to use the gift card one is to redeem online and the other is to redeem in person. Or you can sell it for cash. The main purpose behind the rise in the use of gift cards is that they promote the loyalty among the customers. There are various ways in which you can sell gift card in Nigeria. We have mentioned down below some of the popular ways to sell gift card in Nigeria online.


There are many bartering websites that operate outside Nigeria. We doubt there are a few in Nigeria. These websites allow you to sell the gift cards. And give you an option to barter them for items you have an eye on.


Nowadays, a healthy market has developed to sell gift card in Nigeria. Auction is another way in which you can get a fair price for your gift card as you will be deciding the price. Websites that allow you to do the same are or parent website or They will buy your gift cards at a very high value of price and will pay cash straight away to your local bank account. They deal on all sorts of cards ranging from Google Play, amazon, Walmart to ITunes. Patricia is also one of the safest platforms to sell gift card in Nigeria. It will save you from lots of stress. Rates they will offer you on the cards will depend on the offers going on the supply and demand.

So, now you know what you have to do next when you have to sell the gift cards online. You can get them exchanged for some other item. We have mentioned the easiest way to sell the gift card online in Nigeria for a fair price.

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