I come across this question almost every time: can you use Google Play gift card on Amazon?


Google Play credits are getting more popular these days; you can redeem them, you can be given, and you can load them to your account and use them on the Google Play store. But can you use these credits on other global marketplaces, such as Amazon?


Keep reading this article to know the answer.


What You Need to Know About Google Play and Amazon Credit

Google Play is one of the products of Google while Amazon is a different company owned by Jeff Bezos.


So, considering the question ‘can you use Google Play gift card on Amazon?’


The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’


The answer is’ yes’ since you can use the balance on your Google Play gift card to make in-app purchases through Amazon.


However, it is ‘no’ because you cannot use it to buy items on Amazon.com.


I know it sounds confusing. So, I will clarify it.


One of the products owned by Amazon is Kindle (an e-book reader). The Google Play Store has the app and may or may not allow you to use Google Play credits to buy e-books.


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You can easily download the Google Play Store app on your Amazon Kindle. You can then download apps from the Play Store, and use your Google Play credits to purchase books and other content for those apps.


Can You Convert your Amazon Gift Cards to Google Play?

Yes, you can.


However, you need to use the online marketplaces where gift cards are being exchanged. It is simple to execute but requires some effort and the exchange may not favor you.


Depending on the current demand of the market, you may need to accept a value that is lower than that of your gift card.


Thus, if you want to exchange Google Play gift cards for Amazon gift cards, you can either ask your friends on Facebook or look for platforms where you can carry out such an exchange.


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Can You Exchange Google Play Credit for Amazon?

No, you can’t.


Google Play credit is not a currency and cannot be transferred to Amazon. However, there are many things that you can do with your Google Play credit with Amazon. You can use it to buy eligible items on Google Play. These can include apps, e-books, games, songs, and newsstand subscriptions.


You can find the terms of the Google Play credits here.


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