Gift cards make fantastic gifts when you want to show your appreciation for loved ones, friends, neighbours or employees, but that only applies outside of Nigeria. In Nigeria, gift cards can be put to various uses. They are exchanged for cash, and throughout the years, the market has been steadily rising. Gift card holders in Nigeria have previously been left helpless anytime they had a gift card that they couldn’t use prior to the development of gift card trading platforms. But with the various platforms available today, they can now readily sell them off in exchange for cash. In this post, I pitted two major players in the market against one another to see who offers the best trading platform. Therefore, unwind while watching (reading) Cardnosh vs. Prestmit.

These two gift card exchange platforms have drawn attention due to their diligence, transparency, integrity and consistency. They have carved out a space for themselves in the industry and gained acceptance and credits. It is necessary to hail Nosh and Prestmit. However, before I begin pitting them against one another, there are a few facts concerning gift card trading that we need to grasp. such as what gift card trading platforms are, how they operate, and the characteristics of a trustworthy trading platform.

What is a Gift Card?

Gift cards are preloaded cards with a certain amount to buy items online, use as gifts for loved ones, or for other financial uses. You can use a gift card as payment to make purchases at restaurants, petrol stations, retail stores, and other establishments. The gift card is loaded with money that you or the receiver can use at places that accept it.

What Are Platforms for Trading Gift Cards?

Platforms for exchanging gift cards to cash are the only way to deal with unwanted gift cards.  Gift card exchange platforms have offered to buy your extra gift cards from you so they don’t just sit about your room collecting dust. Platforms like Nosh and Prestmit that exchange gift cards purchase them from traders who will never use their cards again. In Nigeria, if you have gift cards, you are no longer forced to wait a lifetime before selling to a potential customer.

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Cardnosh (NOSH App)

One of the best trading platforms in Nigeria is Cardnosh. The Nosh App allows you to sell any gift card in the best-case scenario in only a few minutes using the website and mobile app.

The NOSH App (also known as CardNosh) has been a huge success since completely focusing its services on making the conversion of gift cards to cash seamless. Now you can instantly and from anywhere sell gift cards for naira or cedis.

A platform that assures its users competitive rates, quick transactions, fast payments and a positive user experience. In many ways, selling gift cards online requires determination. You always enjoy the best possible gift card rates at Nosh. The Nosh platform recognise that enticing service and delivery are essential to getting you to use the service again.

NOSH 2.0 — What's New?. In the first quarter of September, NOSH… | by Nosh NG | Medium

Pros of Cardnosh

  1. The application is easy to use.
  2. Virtual account
  3. Excellent customer support
  4. No limits on withdrawal
  5. You can buy gift cards. Not limited to the ‘Sell feature”
  6. You can convert gift cards to cedis
  7. Zero transfer fee
  8. Pay bills, buy airtime/data and fund bet wallet.

Cons of Cardnosh

  1. Limited to gift card to cash, no crypto.


Prestmist is also one of the most reliable platforms. They meet the needs of those that prefers to receive crypto instead of cash for their gift cards. On this platform, you can also check the current exchange rates for both cash and crypto. Both the web and the mobile app are supported.

Prestmit vs Nosh

Pros of Prestmit

  1. The application is easy to use.
  2. Gift card to crypto
  3. Sell crypto for cash
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. Pay bills, buy airtime/data

Cons of Prestmit

  1. They don’t offer a “Buy” Feature
  2. Limited to gift card to cash, no crypto.

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Wrapping Up

It is highly usual to lose money while attempting to sell gift cards for cash online, especially in Nigeria, since many websites that can be discovered online are untrustworthy. To avoid the hassles involved in your gift card exchange process, either Cardnosh or Prestmit will get the job but be rest assured when using the Nosh App with zero worries because the job will be done perfectly well.

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