Here’s a guide on the difference between physical cards, gift vouchers, and eCodes.


If you’ve ever come across physical cards, gift vouchers, and eCodes, you’re probably wondering what makes them different.


In this article, I will talk about the differences between but before that, let’s see if there is any correlation between gift cards and these three terms.


What is a Gift Card?

In North America, a gift card is also referred to as a gift certificate. In the United Kingdom, it is referred to as a gift voucher or gift token. It is a prepaid stored-value money card that is often issued by a bank or retailer. A gift card is used in place of cash to buy items from a particular store or related brands or businesses.


Gift cards can also be given by organizations or employers as gifts or rewards. They can also be distributed by marketers or retailers as a form of promotion tactic to entice the receiver to revisit the store. In some cases, gift cards are also referred to as cash cards.


Now that we understand what gift cards are, let’s take a look at physical cards, gift vouchers, and eCodes and see what differentiates them.


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Physical Cards

Physical cards refer to physical gift cards. A gift card looks more or less like a credit card (or a plastic card with a rectangular shape). It has its number, but it is not personalized to the holder’s name like a gift voucher. You can buy gift cards online at a retailer’s site and in a retail store.


You can also buy gift cards from big retailers that sell gift cards for their wares. There are lots of businesses that offer their staff loyalty cards in the form of branded and personalized gift cards. These cards are printed with the name of the employee on them.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are also known as gift certificates. They are usually bought in paper formats and they have authorized signatures from the businesses issuing them. A gift voucher can also be personalized if you order it online. They are issued in a gift wallet to make the presentation more special. The gift wallet is a thick card envelope with a special graphic design.



eCodes refer to gift cards that are delivered to mobile phones through email addresses, SMS messages, or certain apps. They are preferred by the Gen Z and millennial demographic groups that prefer to access goods while they are on the move.


Also known as virtual cards, eCodes are usually delivered through email to the recipient. They can also come with a personalized message. The eCodes are often 16 digit numbers or a PIN code that you can enter while checking out on a store or selected sites.


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