What Are e-Gift Cards?

Electronic gift cards, also known as e-codes or digital gift cards, are a set of codes that are sent to you via email or phone and allow you to make a purchase in a retailer store. So it’s the same thing you’re used to, just in a new shape.

Kinds of E-gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards are divided into two categories:

1. Email gift cards – codes will be delivered to your email box

2. SMS-based mobile gift cards — Codes are supplied to your phone through SMS.

The difference between these two cards and actual (physical) gift cards is that the codes and PIN are printed on the back of a plastic card on physical gift cards.

How to Send an e-Gift card?

Depending on the brand or retailer, your options for sending an e-gift card to a friend are restricted to email, mobile phone, or the App. Companies might choose between all three choices or simply one of them. The email gift card, on the other hand, is the most often utilised.

Where Can a Digital Gift Card Be Redeemed?

Digital gift cards were created with the intention of being used online, making it simple for customers who don’t want to buy in stores to redeem their gift cards. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use an e-Gift card at a real store and are concerned that you won’t be able to, don’t be. As long as they belong to the shop, they can be redeemed at most local shops. All you have to do now is hand over your code and PIN to the cashier, and your purchase will be completed. Just make sure your gift card balance is sufficient to fund your transaction.

Where is the Best Place to Sell an e-Gift Card?

Your digital gift cards, like real gift cards, may be sold for cash. For instance, if your relative present you a Steam gift card as a gift and you know you’ll never use it, there are a number of online trading services, such as CardNosh, that will help you turn such gift cards into cash quickly and at the best rate. Many people have been exploited and ripped off in their search for a secure site to sell their gift cards for cash. This is why I recommend using CardNosh (popularly known as NOSH) to swap your e-gift cards and other gift cards.


E-gift cards are extremely convenient to purchase since they do not require you to visit a real store. They may also be personalised, adding a personal touch to the gift. Do you want to give a fast gift to a friend to improve their day? An e-gift card is a fantastic choice. Or you got an email from Nordstrom or Target regarding an e-gift card your cousin sent you, but you’re perplexed because the only gift cards you’re familiar with are real ones. I believe this article has answered your questions regarding this apparently new piece of technology.

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