Do you have something in mind you want to purchase with your AmEx gift card, but you are unsure if you have enough balance for it? There are easy ways to check your American Express gift card balance through phone calls or online. These instructions and guidelines are usually mentioned on a leaflet you receive along with the gift card. However, if you have a gift card that is partly used or has been re-gifted to you, you may want to confirm the available balance on it before you start spending it.

What is an AmEx Gift Card?

American Express or AmEx gift cards are prepaid cash cards that are used to give someone on special occasions or as rewards instead of actual currency. These can be purchased in various amounts and are often used by businesses to reward and incentivize customers and employees. Some common ways AmEx gift cards are used are promotions, loyalty incentives, employee reward programs, or personal gifts. These are now available in both physical cards and e-gift card forms that you can use for digital transactions.

Where can the American Express Gift Card be Used?

You can use gift cards virtually everywhere as they are accepted within the United States and District of Columbia. However, you cannot use these cards for recurring bills or ATMs. If you have an e-gift card, it cannot be used for transactions that require a physical card.

How to Activate the Gift Card?

Depending on where you purchase your card from, the activation process differs. For example, if you purchased your card at, it will most likely be ready to use. If it is not activated, you may do so by signing into the gift card website with your card details or calling the toll-free number. After activation, note all important information in case you lose your card or it is stolen.

How to Check the Balance in AmEx Gift Cards?

Checking your American Express gift card balance is very easy. You can do it online by visiting the American Express gift card website or through a phone call on the number given at the back of the card. When you phone in, you will be prompted to provide information like the card number and the pin. The AmEx gift card balance is the amount preloaded in the card when you receive it. To check the AmEx gift card balance, the teller would request your gift card number and the three-digit security code. You can find this security code on the back of the card.

Is There an Expiration Date for the AmEx Gift Card?

The usual expiration date of an AmEx gift card is nine years from the date of purchase. It is usually listed on your account for you to refer. Funds, however, do not have an expiration date. There is a valid thru date indicated on the front of each gift card, after which you cannot use that particular card. A new replacement gift card is issued to you free of charge if you have crossed the valid till date and funds are available in your account.

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