Did you know you can get free Amazon gift cards in many ways?


In this post, I will reveal some of the easiest ways through which you can earn free Amazon gift cards. Learning how to get free Amazon gift cards will help you to pay for Christmas gifts, household items, and birthday gifts for free.


Also, it is easy to get Amazon gift cards for free. Although this will not make you rich, it can make the things you need to buy more affordable.


Quick Review

Here are some methods you can use to get free Amazon gift cards:

  • Search the internet with certain browsers
  • Complete online surveys
  • Refer customers
  • Submit your receipts


Detailed Guide

1.   Search the internet with certain browsers

Some of the most popular browsers for those that want to use the internet include Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. Opera allows its users to make money and gather data from using their services while others don’t offer a reward system.


Also, other unpopular browsers allow their users to get free Amazon gift cards. Most of the browsers give their users the cards whenever they have used the platforms for a particular period. They can also offer them as a welcome bonus.


You can easily download these browsers and they work effectively on computers and mobile devices. Also, you can make money for yourself and the browsers by clicking on their advertising suggestions. Two platforms that offer this service include Bing and Brave Browser.


2.   Complete online surveys

Surveys are easy ways through which you can earn free gift cards. They are safe since they don’t need you to supply your name or other personal details. The only thing that is required is to answer questions through the different options that they will provide for you.


The surveys are on different things and range from tech products and physical products. Many companies establish their presence through surveys. These companies get people in their surveys by offering them free gift cards.


3.   Refer customers

Customers help companies, such as Amazon, to increase their revenues. Amazon rewards users for referring customers to their products with gift cards. These gift cards can be used to buy different things on the Amazon store.


To refer customers, you need a referral code that will help the sales you generate to be traced back to you.


4.   Submit your receipts

Some platforms reward users for submitting their receipts. One of such platforms is Ibotta. To get started, simply sign up for an Ibotta account, unlock rebates and rewards, shop, verify the things you buy, and then get rewarded.


Rebates can be redeemed from over 230 stores, like Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Kroger, and lots more. This is one of the easiest ways to earn free money.



This post has shed light on the different methods you can use to get free Amazon gift cards. With these cards, you can buy different items on the Amazon store. You can easily redeem your Amazon gift cards on your mobile device and desktop.


Although you can earn free gift cards in numerous ways, completing surveys and online shopping are the commonest strategies.


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