iTunes was founded as a media brand under Apple’s mother company. Ever since its invention, the media brand has gone further from serving as a library and a media provider to being a center providing everything digital and services and content.

iTunes users leverage the numerous content available on the platform by subscribing to it. Apple provided an easy means to gain access for their customers via the use of gift cards. Users can use iTunes gift cards to get whatever they want ranging from movies, TV shows, games, ebooks, and other related digital content from the iTunes store.

iTunes gift cards are admired and used by a lot of people worldwide because of their flexibility and their love for Apple products. The iTunes gift card is available in two different forms which are the tangible gift card and the virtual gift card (E-code). They also come in various denominations.

How Much is a $100 iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria?

Due to the unavailability of any situated iTunes physical store in Nigeria, many holders of the gift card can not redeem it. If this is attempted, it possibly comes with the error that the card must be redeemed in another country or region. This is because the gift cards were not purchased in Nigeria.

Despite this, the gift card can be exchanged for cash on reputable gift card trading platforms in Nigeria. There are several platforms and mobile apps rendering this service in Nigeria while some can offer cash in Cedis too.

Converting gift cards for cash is sweet, however, there are factors that determine the rate you get in exchange for your gift card value. These circumstances include the rate of demand and supply, the exact purchase cost, and the current exchange rate. Generally, physical gift cards return a higher rate compared to virtual gift cards.

On the Nosh app, a $100 physical iTunes gift card is available for NGN 35, 000. It currently goes for NGN350/$1. The $100 iTunes E-code goes for NGN 28, 000 at the rate of NGN280/$1.

Why Should You Use An iTunes Gift Card?

1.iTunes gift card support business

Many companies and businesses leverage the iTunes gift card for their promotion campaigns. They are also used as giveaways for different purposes across social media platforms. Many companies use it as a stipend to reward their best staff of the month or loyal customers. Not just that, they are also an ideal gift to anyone of your choice.

2. iTunes gift card is flexible online

The stress that comes with walking down to a physical store just to purchase a card can’t be overlooked. You can avoid stress, manage time, and save costs by purchasing your iTunes gift card online. No more planning out time to do holiday shopping. Whoever you plan to get the gift card to can also get it without delay.
The gift card is perfect for both genders because the content is useful and acceptable to everyone. If you have any worries about choosing the perfect gift for someone, you can surely go for an iTunes card.

3. iTunes gift card is flexible

Due to the flexibility of the gift card, both Android and iPhone users can use it. For movie and music lovers, an iTunes gift card can be used to buy any kind of movie or music on Apple TV and Music. There is a vast array of books you can use your iTunes card to buy as well. Additionally, there are premium games to entertain yourself as a gamer.

4. The iTunes gift card has no expiration date

There are certain gift cards that do not expire, among which is the iTunes gift card. No matter when you decide to use the card, it will always be redeemable. In any case you were unable to redeem your gift card, you likely purchased the card from a disreputable site.

5. Fair exchange rate

iTunes gift card is one of the gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. There is a high demand for iTunes gift cards because of the love for Apple devices and services. You can choose to sell the gift card for a fair exchange rate on a gift card trading platform.

Why Nosh is the Best?

Nosh is one of the top gift card trading companies in Nigeria today. It offers gift cards for sale, exchanges gift cards for cash, sell airtime, Tv subscriptions, etc. Nosh services are accessible on both the website and mobile application.

The rates for gift cards on Nosh are the best you can ever find in Nigeria or Ghana. Most gift card traders are concerned with getting the best cash value in exchange of their card. Use the gift card rate calculator on the platform to be informed of the current rates.

The customer support team at Nosh is well-behaved and top-notch in their relationship with customers. Experiencing bad customer service with a gift card trading platform won’t be pleasing. Our technical support team is always available to tend to your needs and address your concerns.

Nosh is a user-friendly platform and easy to navigate. The platform is built with users in mind. No complex technicalities and you can always buy or sell your gift card with no trouble at all.

At Nosh, your personal data and card details are safe and secure with us. There is no need for online scam fears due to our consistent security architecture upgrade.

Where Can I Buy iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes gift card is available for purchase on Apple store, Walmart, Amazon, Nosh, or any retail store.

All gift cards have a cost written on them which may be the same price you pay in exchange for the card. That totally depends on the store you are getting it from.

Irrespective of the value of the iTunes gift card you purchase, it can be exchanged for naira on the Nosh website or application.


Choosing to sell your iTunes gift card will return a good value you can use for other essential stuff. This is because the iTunes gift card is one of the gift cards with the highest resale value in Nigeria.

However, you must sell your iTunes gift card on a reputable site that will give the value your card is worth. Check out the current rates of different cards here.

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