Sephora is a perfect destination for folks who prefer to be pampered, with over 2000 brands and a number of Sephora branded products available for purchase at Sephora stores. A Sephora gift card will make them very happy if you know someone like this. And if such a person has a birthday coming up, you could offer them a $100 Sephora gift card to spend on beauty and skincare products. Sephora conjures images of beauty, elegance, and class any time you think of the products sold at the stores. The French conglomerate is a major reseller of cosmetics and skincare items.

Benefits of Sephora Gift Cards?

  1. As a Gift to loved ones: This type of gift card is ideal for loved ones, especially women who appreciate luxury items. Giving a Sephora gift card has the advantage of allowing the recipient to buy exactly what they want rather than you guessing what they prefer.
  2. As a Payment Method: The gift cards are used to pay for items purchased at Sephora locations. You can use them to shop in their actual stores as well as online.
  3. As a Trade option: You can sell your gift cards for cash on a gift card trading platform if you don’t have any reason to use them at Sephora stores. There are several platforms where gift card sellers can trade their gift cards for cash. In Nigeria, the gift card trading sector is booming, which has resulted in the emergence of a slew of new gift card trading platforms. Finding a trusted, fast and reliable platform is crucial to getting a good price for your $100 Sephora gift card.

How to Check the Rate of Your $100 Sephora Gift Card

Follow these steps to check the rate of your Sephora gift card using NOSH’s rate calculator:

  1. Click here for the rate calculator.
  2. For app users, go to “Check Rates”
  3. Fill in the Gift Card Category as Sephora and the Amount as $100, as well as other options that are required.

Your rate will be displayed instantly when done. However, you should always check your Sephora gift card balance before trading to avoid any confusion during payments.

How Much Is a $100 Sephora Gift Card In Naira 2022

I’ve taken the steps to let you know how much a $100 Sephora gift card sells for on NOSH, just in case you didn’t know.

On NOSH, a $100 Sephora gift card sells for N37,000, while $100 Sephora gift code sells for N30,000 on today’s gift card market. This is, without a doubt, the best rate available. But please do well to confirm the rate via the rate calculator to ascertain the current value so you will know how much cash you’ll earn after trade.

Characteristics of a Trusted Platform

  1. A rate calculator for determining the value of gift cards.
  2. A fast customer care service to assist traders in the event of a problem or confusion.
  3. Your $100 Sephora gift card must be a gift card they’re ready to buy.
  4. Instant payment should be guaranteed, and customer feedbacks should back this up.

These primary characteristics, among others, can aid you in selecting a good gift card trading platform. The NOSH app is one platform that possesses all of these attributes listed above and more. The automated rate calculator on the site or on in the app can help you figure out how much your $100 Sephora gift card is worth. However, you must be careful not to confuse a JCPenny Sephora gift card with a Sephora gift card, since the two are not the same.

Wrapping Up

Presenting a Sephora gift card to a female friend as a surprise is a win-win situation because it is one of the most profitable gift cards in the market today. People in Nigeria can also use them because they can always sell them for cash on a gift card exchange platform. Sephora gift cards are available in a variety of denominations, but the $100 Sephora gift card appears to be the most popular. I believe I have been able to show you in this article how much a $100 Sephora gift card costs in Naira, as well as a few other things. So, do you have a Sephora gift card or another type of gift card that you’d like to trade? Why not do it on NOSH and get the best prices?

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