Neiman Marcus sold the first gift card in 1994, but Blockbuster was the first to market it in-store initially. Neiman probably had no idea how significant the item he had just sold in 1994 was. Presently, in 2022, consumers can choose from a variety of gift card companies to replace traditional presents. Gift cards are popular, therefore Vanilla and Visa collaborated to develop the Vanilla gift card.

You must be familiar with Vanilla Visa gift cards if you’ve used other gift cards of various brands. Please don’t tell me you’re considering a gift card that can be used to buy vanilla ice cream. Oh no, that’s not what I mean.

Would you like to know the Cedi value of your Vanilla Visa gift card? This is the ideal time to get that details so that you are aware of the situation. People always want to know how much they can get for their Vanilla Visa gift cards in Cedis since they are becoming so popular that many people are already considering selling their own.

What is Vanilla Visa Gift Card

An extensive online selection of Vanilla Visa gift cards is provided by the company that is authorised to sell them. Prepaid Visa gift cards are offered in denominations ranging from $10 to $500, and one of them is called the Vanilla Visa Gift Card. It is an illustration of an open-loop gift card that can be redeemed at retailers other than the one that issued it.

Vanilla gift cards are frequently given as tokens of thanks to customers, staff members, and business partners on important occasions. It is redeemable at several brick-and-mortar and online retailers. It is also available as physical gift cards that are sent to recipients and as e-codes that are sent via Vanilla gift card e-mails. Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used for mail-order, in-person, and online purchases.

What Is The Value Of A Vanilla Visa Gift Card In Cedis?

Ghana’s Vanilla Visa cost in dollars We are unable to provide you with a fixed pricing value since the cedi is not a stable currency and changes constantly in accordance with market conditions. However, the current exchange rate in Ghana for a $100 USA One Vanilla Visa gift card is GHS 410.96.

You may sell your Vanilla gift cards to us for the best prices, regardless of price changes.

How to Trade Vanilla Visa Gift Card on Nosh for cedis?

NOSH is an online marketplace where you can trade your gift cards for cash. You can quickly swap an Vanilla Visa gift card for cedis using the NOSH, and you are not restricted to that; you can exchange any gift card for cedis.

The actual trading process is rather simple to comprehend:

  1. Simply download the app, create an account or log in.
  2. Choose ‘Vanilla’ under your gift card category
  3. Enter the value of the card you want to sell.
  4. Submit your request
  5. You will receive a response from the platform in less than 5 minutes.
  6. Once the gift card has been confirmed, the cedis equivalent will be paid to you.

You can contact NOSH support via email:, or via live chat (on the mobile app or on the site) if you prefer a more interactive session.

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