Have you ever been in a strange situation while shopping online, where you came across so many mouth-watering, wonderful products, but the final amount was so hefty that you either didn’t buy them all or waited until another big day to shop?

You won’t have to deal with such a problem any longer because Amazon gift cards give the best and most exciting deals on a variety of brands.

Let’s take a look at what an Amazon gift card is before we talk about how to buy and redeem one.

What Is An Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards are pre-loaded plastic cards that offer immediate product discounts. These cards can also be redeemed for an Amazon Pay balance, which can be used to shop at the Amazon store without restriction. You can also use an Amazon gift card to pay for phone bills and other expenses.

Amazon Gift Cards are available in denominations of $50, $100, $500, and $1,000. They’re good for a year (365 days) from the date of purchase, and you can acquire them via online mail or physical delivery.

The majority of people prefer mail as a delivery method since it is quick. Within 5 minutes after your transaction, Amazon will SMS you the eGift code.

You can give and share this code or number with family and friends who would benefit from it. You can also order them in physical form, which you can use or give away.

Furthermore, when you use this card, you will be able to choose from over 10 core products. It is valid for the entire calendar year, beginning on the day of issue.

With an Amazon gift card, there is essentially no limit to what you can buy or not buy. The Amazon gift card can be used to purchase a wide range of things on Amazon.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

1. Determine the appropriate platform:

The first step is to find the appropriate website or platform for purchasing gift cards. You can choose which brands and categories you want to use your gift cards towards. These gift cards can also be used to pay for phone bills and other transactions.

2: Go to your account and log in.

The second step is to use your credentials to log into your account.

3: Decide on the value of the gift card.

Depending on the category and product, you can choose a gift card value of $50, $100, or $1000. While purchasing the cards on Amazon, you will receive the maximum amount that you may pay for them. You can use an Amazon gift card for a variety of things, including brands, festivals, corporate gifts, and special occasions.

4: Pay the bill.

Click the checkout button and pay the specified amount. You can use the gift card after checking out and purchasing it.

How to Use Or Redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

The steps to use an Amazon Pay Gift card on the website are as follows:

1. Visit Amazon website

2. You may log in with your existing data or start a new account if you want.

3. The balance field in the Add Gift Card / Voucher Code to Amazon Pay section allows you to write in the gift card/ voucher code that Amazon has made accessible to you.

4. When you press the “add to your balance” button, the balance will be added to your Amazon Pay balance right away.

5. Begin your shopping.

If you are using the Amazon mobile app, then follow the steps below to redeem your gift card.

1. Download the Amazon App and click on the Amazon pay option in the menu section

2. Enter the gift card code which was provided to you by Amazon and click ”add to your balance button”.

3. Amazon will take a few seconds to verify the card and then the balance will be added to your Amazon Pay account.

4. Start shopping

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