A larger percentage of the world’s businesses have tapped into the gift card industry. Many of them including Target are leveraging gift cards to promote and support their products and services.

There are 3 different kinds of gift cards produced by Target which are physical gift cards, virtual gift cards (E-code), and mobile cards. The Target gift card can be utilized to pay for items in Target stores and on their website.

The items available for purchase in Target’s online store or in-store include furniture, home decor, food & beverages, apparel & accessories, and related items.

These gift cards are also ideal as gifts for friends and family. In case, you own a Target gift card, got it as a gift, or intend to give someone, it is imperative to know the card’s balance.

In this article, I will address how to check Target’s gift card balance. Let’s get started.

How to Purchase Target Gift Card?

Target gift cards can be purchased in any Target outlet, official website – target.com, or other online retail stores that list them. You can buy any denomination you want ranging from $10 to $200.

Custom values are also available for purchase ranging from $5 to $500. The steps below will guide you to buy Target cards at U.S.A retail stores.

  • Go to Target’s online store.
  • Navigate to the gift card page and tap it.
  • Tap Target gift card and select the subcategory you intend to buy.
  • Choose your gift card choice and state the value you intend to buy.
  • Choose the delivery method of your choice.

    Email delivery: Selecting email as a delivery method gives you two options. It can be delivered to you within 4 hours. You can choose to set a preferred delivery time with a maximum of 3 months.

    Mail delivery: This delivery method comes with a guarantee of 7 to 10 days. However, there could be unforeseen delays that could affect the expected timeframe.

    Mobile delivery: The mobile gift card delivery option means you will get the ecode delivered to you as an SMS. The E-code will be delivered within 4 hours post purchase. There is also the option to set a preferred delivery time.
  • Select “Add to cart”.
  • Tap on View cart & check out”. This will take you to the checkout page.
  • When you proceed to the page, you can still add or deduct from the number of gift cards you intend to purchase.
  • Click on “I’m ready to check out”

How To Check Your Target Gift Card Balance On Phone?

  • Place a call to Target’s official line (1-800-544-2943) via your smartphone or landline. When you dial the number, an automated voice will attend to you.
  • Pay rapt attention and then tap 1 to know your balance. A list of options will be provided to you by the pre-recorded voice. Ensure to press 1.
  • Input the card number which is always 15 digits. Check the back of the gift card for it. The voice will direct you to begin typing the number with “04”
  • You will then be asked to input the card access number – this is always 8 digit code.
  • After correctly entering your details, you will be informed of the card balance. You can jot it down somewhere.

How To Check Your Target Gift Card Balance Online?

As a new Target gift card holder, you don’t need to sign up for an account because you don’t necessarily need it to check your card balance. Follow the steps below:

  • There is a gift card balance page on the Target website. Go to the page and input your exact card information.
  • Once the balance page loads, there will be two empty fields to type in. Punch in the 15-digit gift card number in the first field. You might need to scratch off the seal on the card to see the number.
  • Type in the access number. The second box on the check balance page requires you to type the gift card’s access number. Find the access number located directly under the card number. Type the eight-digit access number into the specified box.
  • Next, punch in the access number in the second field. The access number is written below the gift card number.
  • Tap on the “Check Balance” button.

Use & Limitations of Target Gift Card

  • Target cards are used to make purchases in various Target outlets situated in the U.S.
  • Target gift cards are not valid to buy other gift card brands like Apple gift cards, Steam gift cards, or Amazon gift cards.
  • Target gift cards can not be used in any other retail store i.e they can be utilized at Target on-site stores and website.

Target Gift Cards Restrictions

  • Target gift cards are an ideal payment substitute for a lot of purchases, but there are certain restrictions to that to that. Check the limitations below:
  • Target gift cards can’t be used to buy iTunes gift cards
  • They are not valid to purchase open-loop cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • They can not be used at minute clinics located in Target stores
  • Target cards can’t be used to make RedCard payments.
  • They can not be used to be unique cards like restaurants, entertainment, etc.
  • They can not be used to buy Target gift cards


It’s always a good idea to be aware of how much money is still available on your gift card. These instructions will assist you in knowing the remaining balance on your Target gift card so that you can make the necessary plans. By letting you know what to expect, being aware of this can also aid in your decision to sell your Target gift card.

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