Gift cards are preloaded debit cards loaded with a certain amount of money to be used at the store or website of a designated brand. They are one of the alternative sources of payment for precise locations. For instance, Sephora gift cards can be used only at Sephora stores or on their website. Though it is a form of money, it cannot be redeemed for cash at stores or retailers. The primary reason for gift cards is to simplify and speed up the payment process at the point of sale.

The gift card storm has also taken over Nigeria and Ghana. Though it arrived a little later than other countries, they are not much farther behind. Global and local brands in Nigeria have extended their reach and made gift cards readily available. Gift cards as a means of payment have also been digitized to increase ease of payment in stores and websites. However, in Ghana and Nigeria, they are not only an alternative mode of payment but also an excellent means of exchange. Some websites in Nigeria allow gift cards to be exchanged for cash within the country. Due to the frightening stories on the news about gift card scans, Nigerians are usually hesitant to sell their gift cards. The truth is that selling gift cards in Nigeria is safer than expected. For this reason, this article lists a few steps to successfully sell gift cards in Nigeria without being scammed.

Do Adequate Research

Once you’ve decided to sell your gift card, you should get to know the platform you would be trading your gift card on. Before registering or sending your card details, you should ask questions like how long has been around and have any of your acquaintances have heard about them. Also, check for their social media presence and if they are a verified website.

Know-How Much You Will Get Paid

Every legitimate gift card exchange site should tell you exactly how much amount you will receive in exchange for your gift card. This number should be given to you before the trade takes place. Once you are aware of your pay-out, you should be able to decide whether you want to proceed with the transaction or do you want to reconsider your decision.

Customer Support

The reliability of their customer service cannot be impressed upon enough. In matters of money, it is always better to rely on those who are responsive and quickly solve your problems. In the end, if you have any issues with the payment or if there has been an error, it is the customer service executive who will be your first point of contact.

Use Reliable Platforms

This is the most critical consideration of all. Gift card trading platforms should simplify the process of selling gift cards. When you patronize a platform that puts its customers first, you will realize how smooth the process truly is.

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