Getting discounts while purchasing gift cards doesn’t demand extra effort. Most of the popular retail brands that provide gift cards also compensate their customers with discounts during gift card purchases. Some offer this benefit for first-time buyers and some offer it for different reasons.

It is a general practice among businesses to provide cash or trade discounts on purchases with the goal of retaining existing customers and attracting new customers. Being aware of a 10% off on an item from a certain store is a good enough reason to always patronize them.

Here in this article, I will explain the various discount options for Sephora gift cards. Sephora gift card discounts can be gotten via several online retailers, but I will focus on the best ones. Let’s get started!

What Are Sephora Gift Cards Used For?

Sephora gift cards can be used to buy any items in their store haircare, skincare, or related products. Any products you need for your beauty including cosmetics and makeovers are available. Sephora gift cards can be redeemed in different Sephora store locations in Canada and United States, online on their website, on their mobile applications, or at Sephora stores available in JCPenny stores.

Buy Sephora Gift Card in Bulk

You can enjoy a maximum discount on Sephora gift cards when they are purchased in bulk. As a business owner or company founder, interested in rewarding their staff, bulk purchasing is a good idea because it will save you a lot of money. You can also benefit discount on the gift cards or get them delivered to you if bought in bulk from Sephora either in-store or online.

Getting one item delivered will be more expensive when compared to getting a good number of the same item in bulk. When you purchase Sephora gift cards in bulk, you get a discount on the total price and shipping cost. Enjoying the best price for your purchase is easily achieved by researching which vendors offer the lowest prices.

Some sellers give out an extra gift card when you purchase 10 from them. It sounds juicier when you get not just one but extra two $100 Sephora gift cards for 25 pieces. You only need to spend $2,500 instead of the normal $2,700. Doing so allows you to save the extra $200 in your wallet. This means the more you buy, the more fund you get to keep.

More interesting is that most stores offer discounts based on percentage. You can keep up to 12.5% from certain vendors when you buy Sephora gift cards. This allows you to purchase gift cards worth $5,000 for $4,625. Whoo, interesting savings.

Buy Sephora Gift Card During Festive and Promo Period

During festive periods like Halloween, Christmas, and related events, most stores provide discounts and deals for their customers. Check around you or google for stores offering juicy discounts during those periods and save your money.

It is common for gift card sellers to offer bonuses of up to 10% during sales promotions for any gift card purchases. Interestingly, some even provide discounts for every transaction you make during those periods. If you do not want to visit a physical store, you can research online stores offering similar benefits.

Request for Discount In-Store

To clarify whether or not a discount is available while purchasing a gift card, you may inquire with any general customer service agents. You can easily find out when and what gift cards are on sale by visiting any nearby Sephora store.

Whenever you are buying a Sephora gift card, always make sure you inquire with any customer service personnel to confirm if discounts are available or not.

One of the ways to cut costs when getting a loved one gift is to purchase a gift card at discount. If the Sephora gift card you intend to purchase is one with a $100 value, you may get it for $90 and then redeem it.

Purchase Gift Cards from Online Vendors

Sephora e-codes also known as digital cards can be bought with no cost of shipping attached. You can buy them on the Sephora main website within a few minutes since it does not require physical delivery. Various gift card vendors may offer promo codes for buyers getting gift cards from them for the first time.

Ensure to look out for the best gift card sites online in order to save your money. There are numerous options available online. All the same, do not make the mistake of falling into the wrong hands. That is why I am recommending you buy your gift cards on the Nosh platform. If there is no contact page on the platform, that is enough for suspicion. You can also check out reviews of past customers.

How to Buy Sephora Gift Card?

Sephora gift cards are not difficult to buy since they are available almost everywhere. The gift cards are available for purchase in-store and online.

Sephora gift cards are available for sale in-store such as Sephora, Best Buy, Walmart, and other retail stores. Although Sephora does not have stores located in Nigeria, you can opt for online purchases. Sephora gift cards are also available for sale at online stores like Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, and others.

However, the gift cards won’t be delivered to you as physical cards. Instead, you will get an e-code sent to the email you registered for during purchase. You can choose to buy your Sephora gift card from a reliable platform like Cardnosh (Nosh).

How to Redeem Sephora Gift Card Online?

The following simple steps will guide you on how to redeem a Sephora gift card online:

If you want to redeem a physical Sephora gift card, use a coin to gently scratch to reveal the 8-digit PIN. This pin is located on the back of your gift card.

  • Go to the Sephora retail online store. You will see a guide on the page directing you to the Payment Checkout Page.
  • Once you’ve navigated to the page, input your Sephora gift card number and PIN in the required field.
  • Tap on the “Save and Continue” button located in the bottom right corner of the payment page.
  • Whoo, you have been able to redeem your Sephora gift card.

There will be a display of the gift card balance on the right side of the page.


Enjoying discounts on purchases is one of the ways to make profits from trades and save more money. However, it is imperative to trade with a safe and trusted gift card platform to leverage the mouth-watering offers the gift card provides.

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