Steam gift cards are so good to own when it comes to buying PC games and, entertainment online. The Steam store offers unlimited fun that you can use steam gift cards to purchase.

To use a Steam gift card to purchase games, you are required to add a certain fund to the gift card regarded as the Steam wallet. You get to save as much amount as possible in your wallet on the Steam platform.

The way you load funds from a debit card isn’t the same process required to load funds through a gift card on your wallet. In this article, I will explain how to redeem a steam gift card on the steam platform or for cash on the best trading platform in Nigeria.

What is a Steam Gift Card?

Steam gift cards are prepaid gift cards preloaded with a certain value that can be used to purchase any services offered on the Steam platform. They are available in different forms and various denominations. The gift card can either be bought offline at physical stores or on the steam online site.

What to Use a Steam Gift Card For?

Steam gift cards are typically to make payments for any Steam product on their platform. However, the gift card can be used to redeem cash and cryptocurrency on some platforms in Nigeria. There are various things a stem gifted can be used for:

  • They can be used to purchase online games
  • You get to socialize and network with fellow gamers
  • Privilege to play various kinds of games
  • You can also build your own game
  • The gift cards can be redeemed for cash or crypto

Note that the Steam platform doesn’t offer cash in exchange for gift cards but you are liable to do that on certain platforms in Nigeria.

Ways to Redeem a Steam Gift Card

There are different ways to redeem a steam gift card. You can carry out the process on the Steam website, Steam client on your system, or a mobile application. We are going to consider how to redeem through the web and on a mobile application. The procedures outlined for the website are quite similar to what is required for the Steam client application on a PC.

On Web

Check out the Steam Wallet code located on the back of the gift card.

Kindly use a coin to carefully scratch off the label to make the code visible. If you received a Steam Wallet card, the code will be hidden on the back behind a scratch-off layer. Use a coin or other scratcher to reveal the entire code.

Go to your system’s web browser.

Some people choose to redeem their Steam gift card through the Steam website. The steps involved is the same for both desktop and mobile website.

Go to the wallet section on the Steam website in your browser.

The above link will direct you to the section that will request you to add funds.

Login to your account.

If you are yet to log in to the Steam website on your browser, you will be notified to do so before you can proceed. Ensure you log in with the right account you intend to use the code on, as the balance can’t be shared after redeeming.

Input the code into the Steam Wallet Code space.

Ensure to type in the code exactly as written.

Type in your address if requested.

If you have never entered a code before or used your Steam wallet to make a purchase, you’ll be prompted for your local address so that Steam can convert the currency if necessary.

Check the credentials you put in and reconfirm the value that will be added to the wallet.

You will be prompted about the amount that will be added to your Steam wallet. Once successful, the code is not reusable nor can you share the money with another account.

If you input a code to request a currency that differs from yours, Steam will automatically convert it to your current with the current rates. You will be prompted by the conversion before it goes through.

Confirm your new balance.

Funds automatically get added upon successful redemption. You can check your available balance below your account name located in the upper-right corner. In a few scenarios, you may need to wait up to 2 hours for the funds to reflect.

Use your Steam Wallet during checkout.

Ensure to select your Steam Wallet during checkout, when you are purchasing a game. This is to make sure that the purchase is reflected on your gift card balance. If the remaining balance in your steam wallet can’t cover your purchase, you will be required to input another payment method to cover the remaining balance.

On Mobile Application

  • Go to the Steam app on your mobile phone
  • Click on the menu button. This will direct you to the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Store” option. Some additional menu will show up underneath it.
  • Select the Äccount details” in the submenu under Store. It will lead to your account details page.
  • Click on Ädd funds to your Steam Wallet”. You will be redirected to a screen where you have different options on how you want to add funds.
  • Select “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”. It will permit you to input your wallet code.
  • Type in the code and click on “Continue”.
  • Input your addresses if requested. This is requested if this is your first time enabling Steam to convert the code to your local currency.
  • Carefully go through and confirm the fund that will be added.
  • You may get a notification that your code will be converted to your local currency. Steam ensures to always use current conversion rates.
  • Review and confirm that the wallet reflects your new balance. You can check this from the Äccount details page”

Where to Get a Steam Gift Card?

Steam gift cards are readily available for purchase in most large retail stores. You can also get them on different popular sites like Walmart, Amazon, etc. There is a wallet code on the back of these gift cards.

There are also several other sites that also sell the digital form of Steam gift card regarded as the wallet code. Upon purchase, the wallet code is sent to your email or phone number.

They can be redeemed exactly through the same process as a physical card. You are only required to input the code in the same area as stated in the instructions above.

Where to Redeem Steam Gift Card for Cash?

If you want to redeem your steam gift card for cash, you are required to sign up for an account on a gift card trading site. Ensure that this site allows you to sell your gift cards at the best rates. You can choose to request cash or cryptocurrency in return.

For game lovers, a steam gift card is definitely an ideal present either to explore it for online gaming service, sell for cash, or crypto.

The top trading platform today is the Nosh site. There is a gift card calculator on the platform to stay updated on the current rate of your gift card.


Now that you have the perfect guide on how to redeem a Steam gift card, the process should be simple for you.

In a case where you want to redeem your gift card for cash, you know the right platform to visit. Enjoy the best rates with guaranteed security.

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