Long ago, there were things you need to put into consideration if you wish to get a loved one gifts. You would need to visit a physical store to purchase the items.

Now, gifts can be purchased right from the comfort of your home. You only need to order the gifts online and they will be delivered to your loved one. Stress and the possibility of getting trapped in traffic are canceled out.

There are amazing gift cards you can use to purchase any item of your choice. iTunes gift card as one of them can earn you music, movie, books, Tv shows, and apps. This is why an iTunes gift card is one of the top gift cards for sale.

Nothing is entirely flawless, which means there are cases where iTunes gift cards develop issues that require fixing regardless of you being the receiver or giver.

In this article, we are going to look into some common Issues with iTunes gift cards and how you can fix them.

Advantages Of iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card is an awesome card to make purchases on the iTunes platform. You can utilize the gift card to purchase downloadable software like movies, music, apps, and books.

You can get yourself some cool cash by selling an iTunes gift card.

There are other benefits associated with having an iTunes gift card which will be looked into later in this article.

Common Issues with iTunes Gift Card

There are some common Issues you might encounter while using iTunes gift cards. Let’s look at them below:

Inability to redeem your iTunes gift card or code

The above issue may occur if the gift card or code is invalid. This means the code or the card might be inactive. Another reason could be that the code is from another country.

In a case where the card is invalid

Ensure that the card is an iTunes gift card and not an Apple Store gift card (both are often mistaken to be the same).
Input your code or it may be entered with the camera on the device you are using (the second option is permitted in some countries). You can use your camera to redeem the card if the redemption code located on the back of the card has a black focus box.

In a case where the code or card is inactive

The above issue might occur if the card or code has not been properly activated. In such a situation, return the card to the retailer and they will address your complaint.

If the gift card was purchased from a different country, you will need to redeem it in that specific country.

Redemption Problem persists

There are some certain details that you will need to provide the iTunes support team if you still can’t redeem your gift card.

  • The purchase receiptĀ  (ensure it shows the purchase date).
  • An image copy of the gift card (both front and back)
  • The gift card’s serial number

Why Use An iTunes Gift Card?

  • Flexibility

Irrespective of being an Android user or an iOS user, you can utilize an iTunes gift card. Movie lovers get to remain engaged with the trending series and Tv shows through the use of iTunes gift cards.

Thanks to an iTunes gift card, you can buy songs. It offers you access to a vast selection of melodies and collections to build your playlist thanks to this.

Book lovers as well are not left behind, you get access to a huge library of books. Chance to buy as many books according to the value of your gift card.

For game sweethearts, you can download premium games to keep you engaged with an iTunes gift card.

  • Ideal for business growth

iTunes gift cards are great choices for a lot of use in a company. They can be added to gift packages intended for customers. They are also ideal as a prize for social media challenges. Some choose to use them as giveaways at trade fairs. Of course, they can be used as a sign of gratitude to anyone.

  • No expiration date

There are a few gift cards with expiry dates, yet iTunes gift cards are excluded from them. Possessing these gift cards gives you peace of mind that get to use them whenever you wish to.

If there are issues with redeeming your gift card, the possibility you didn’t purchase it from a reliable merchant is high. Redeeming your credit on this gift card is a seamless course once you are certain it is an Apple Store Gift Card with a 16-digit code.

  • Redeemable by Android Users

A sweet thing about iTunes gift cards is that it is redeemable on both Android and Apple. It is ideal as a gift to someone else or exchanged for an Android card.

Another exciting thing is having the choice to use the card on your Android gadget with Apple music. To use your gift card, it is possible to download Apple Music on an Android device.

In the case where you love music, you are covered. Just install the iTunes app before reclaiming your gift card’s credit.

  • Ideal as good gifts and can be leveraged digitally

You can decide not to go to the supermarket so as to avoid traffic and long queues. Buying your gift card online saves your time and cash.

You also get the chance to get rid of the pressure that comes with shopping, especially during festive seasons. Your loved one can also get their gifts across the web in no time.

  • High Resale Value

iTunes gift card is one of the best gift cards with the highest resale value in Nigeria. Just like other gift cards, you can choose to sell your iTunes gift card for cash. You can do this on the Nosh platform. Download the mobile app to get started.


There are several issues associated with an Invalid iTunes gift card. In a case where you’ve used your gift card before, you won’t be permitted to use it again.

If your card is inactive, reach out to your retailer to help with the activation. Moreover, be careful when scratching your card, so you do not ruin the code.

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