American Express (AmEx) is a global corporation based in the United States that deals in card payments. Debit, credit, and gift cards are among the payment options available. The American Express gift card and how it can be marketed in Nigeria are the focus of this article. First and foremost, why sell them rather than use them? There are obvious reasons why the only way to make them useful is to sell them in Nigeria.

In this write-up, you will understand all you need to know about the American Express gift card. We will identify the different forms of gift cards, reasons why selling AmEx gift cards in Nigeria is your best alternative and then we will touch on learning how to sell.

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Forms of Amex gift cards

There are two types of Amex gift cards: physical and ecodes.

Physical Amex Cards:

These are branded Amex gift cards that can be purchased in retailers like Target, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and the American Express website, among others.


Ecodes can be acquired on the American Express website and as well as other trusted sources. Ecodes are digital Amex codes that can be purchased online and emailed to a recipient’s email address or phone number.

Why is it Best to Sell AmEx Gift Cards in Nigeria?

  1. They sell for a good price. Gift cards from American Express have a high resale value. So, if for no other reason, sell AmEx gift card for cash because the money is worth it.
  2. Because American Express does not function in Nigeria, unlike Mastercard and Visa, its gift cards are cannot be used.
  3. NOSH, a gift card trading site, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, your AmEx gift card can be used to earn money at any time of day.

Sell AmEx Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria Online Instantly

Therefore, back to the topic at hand: how do you sell American Express gift cards in Nigeria? To sell them, you’ll need to use a secure site that pays quickly and is simple to navigate. When all of these things are considered, just one trading platform comes to mind: NOSH. We are aware of the various faults in the Nigerian gift card trading market. At Nosh ¬†we took it upon ourselves to thoroughly research and comprehend the market’s flaws in order to vastly enhance it. We developed a simple and convenient platform for trading gift cards that ensures payment in minutes. This is the finest marketplace for selling American Express gift cards. You can as well definitely trade any gift card comfortably and in no time.

We’ll now go over how to sell AmEx gift cards on the finest platform for trading them.

Some significant features of Nosh are listed below:

1. Nosh has the most competitive pricing. These are exclusive rates that you will not find anywhere else. Consider Nosh if you’re looking for great pricing.
2. Transactions are completed quickly. Within 5 minutes, all trades are done on Nosh.
3. Swift customer service that is active. Nosh has a customer assistance team on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve got you covered if you’re not sure what to do next.
4. Payments are made promptly. Nosh guarantees that you will get paid, and not only that, but that you will be paid as quickly as possible.

All you have to do now is register on our website, log in, and familiarize yourself with the step-by-step procedure of gift card trade.

How Much Will You Get For a $100 AMEX Gift Card in Nigeria?

AMEX gift cards have a high resale value, especially when sold through a site like NOSH, which offers the best rates. Although the value of the card will never remain the same, you can use the rate calculator function on the NOSH platform to check the current value of your AMEX gift card.

On NOSH, a $100 AMEX gift card normally costs between 30,000 and 50,000 Naira.


Amex gift cards are distinctive in that they can be used to buy anything at any American Express-accepting retailer. It is not connected to a certain brand, unlike most gift cards. A gift card from the American Express brand is a prepaid payment card that is given as a present or incentive.

NOSH gives you the finest deal on AMEX gift cards. Simply select “American Express” gift card under the category and then, the sub-categories of AMEX gift cards, input other details, and within 5-10 minutes you get your cash.

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