Cash transfers have occasionally taken days to arrive in several situations. But as things have evolved, so too have currency transfer speeds. People can transfer money today over the internet, and it will be delivered in seconds or minutes except for a few case scenarios due to some obstructive reasons.

Along with accelerating cash transfers, innovators also made it feasible to sell gift cards for cash and receive payment instantly.

Moreover, these gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to purchase goods from websites that accept them. Gift card exchange firms have to come up with a solution since although they weren’t intended to be used as an exchange for cash but as an alternative to cash for shoppers and gifters, the recipients don’t always find them helpful.

If you choose the correct site, selling your gift cards might be affordable. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that a top gift card trading platform ought to have.

Features of an Effective Gift Card Trading Platform

1. User Friendly:
A platform for exchanging gift cards that is simple to use demonstrates that it was designed with the consumers in mind. You can tell that you are in the appropriate place because of this.

2. Sweet High Rates:
This is why you trade your gift cards right? Everyone wants the best and a good trading platform should give good rates. One of the most crucial elements of trading on a platform is this. Why sell for low rates when you are selling to maximise the value of your card?

3. Rate Calculator:
A Rate Calculator should be available on a reliable gift card trading platform. You must be aware of the prices they sell or exchange  before trading on any site. This is, in fact, a non-negotiable. A platform without a rate calculator is thus unacceptable. A rate calculator is a feature that automatically calculates and shows you the prices that different cards are sold for when you trade. So by this you can know ahead of time the amount you’ll get after trade. To choose the platform that sells at the best rates, you must constantly utilise the rate calculator on each one.

4. Reliable Customer Support:
You should speak with a member of the support team to get help if there is an issue or if you have any enquiries. Because of this, a platform should offer a responsive customer support mechanism.

5. Quick Payment when you Exchange Your Gift Cards:
Try to trade on a platform that pays in minutes since you don’t want to waste time on getting your funds

How to Sell Gift Cards For Cash Instantly

According to research, one-third of recipients of gift cards don’t really use them. This is for you if you fall into this category.

All you need is a gift card trading platform to sell gift cards for fast cash. A step-by-step instruction for selling gift cards online using the NOSH platform, which satisfies all the criteria for a quality platform, is provided below:

  1. Simply download the app, create an account or log in.
  2. Choose the name of the gift card under your gift card category
  3. Enter the value of the card you want to sell.
  4. Submit your request
  5. You will receive a response from the platform in 5-10 minutes.

Once the gift card has been confirmed, the naira or cedis equivalent will be paid to you instantly.

Right now, CardNosh (also known as NOSH) is the best way to sell gift cards for Naira instantly. So now that you are aware, you can see that exchanging gift cards is easy and quick, especially if you are using the correct site. You have the ball in your court.

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