Nike is a multinational American company with a focus on clothing, footwear, and accessories. Nike is one of the most well-known sportswear companies in the world, which has contributed to its enormous popularity.

The company’s goods are renowned for their excellence and originality, two qualities that set them apart from the competition.

Consumers who want to offer a present but don’t want to deal with the effort of choosing a specific item frequently choose gift cards. A gift card is a prepaid card handed to the lucky receiver.

The recipient of the present has two options: they can use it as payment for goods or services at a store or anywhere else, or they can exchange it for cash. No matter if you have to purchase a gift card offline or online, it’s straightforward.

In this article, I will address how to sell Nike gift cards for cash in naira or cedis. Let’s get started now.

What is Nike Gift Card?

These are prepaid stored-value cards that can be used as an alternate form of payment when ordering goods and services from Nike.

A Nike gift card is a prepaid card that gives you access to fantastic discounts at Nike. Your Nike gift card can be used to purchase a variety of items, including clothes, shoes, sporting goods, and more.

The Nike gift card offers a convenient method to purchase all of your favorite Nike products whenever and wherever you like. You may decide how much money you want to spend, where you want to pick up your card, and how you want it delivered when you purchase a gift card. Nike gift cards come in two different varieties:

Forms of Nike Gift Card

Physical cards: This particular Nike gift card is only redeemable in-store and is valid for in-store purchases.

Ecodes: Ecodes are ideal for online shopping and it can be redeemed at Nike’s official online store. You can use your Nike e-gift card at,, and

How Much is $100 Nike Gift Card Rate?

A gift card’s cost can change from time to time. In one hour, the cost of a $100 Nike gift card could increase or decrease. A $100 Nike gift card is currently priced 46, 000 NGN on the Nosh app.

You can be sure that you will discover the greatest prices for gift cards in Nigeria on Nosh if you are shopping for them. There is a minutely updated automated gift card rate calculator.

You can use this function, which is accessible on both the website and the mobile application, to determine your rate at any time. To get the most recent information on gift card rates, check the gift card rate calculator.

How to Check your Nike Gift Card Balance?

  • Create an account on Nike website and sign in.
  • Input the gift card number or the product voucher number.. Each gift card has a special code that may be used to redeem it for the value indicated on the front of the card. If you have a physical gift card, you can find both of these numbers on the back. If you have a digital gift card, they are both in the email.
  • Input the PIN in the required field.
  • The card’s balance will be shown once the PIN is entered correctly.

To check the balance of your gift card, you can also chat with a customer service agent.

How to Sell Nike Cards on Nosh?

Step 1: Visit or download the mobile app on Playstore. Search “nosh” on Playstore then click install.

Step 2: Create an account if this is your first time and log in later with your exact details.

Step 3: Choose the gift card name e.g Nike gift card on the first page. You can swipe the gift card image or just select it from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Tap on the button below the text that says “Click here to begin”

Step 5: Proceed to the next page and then select the subcategory of your gift card.

Step 6: Input the amount of the gift card you want to sell and also select the currency you want to be paid e.g naira.

Step 7: Continue to upload the gift card picture or input the ecode as the case may be

Step 8: Click on “Sell”. You will be notified after the trade has been confirmed. Proceed by clicking on “Submit”.

Why Trade with Nosh?

Nosh has all the features you’re looking for in the best site to sell gift cards. Let’s examine them:

Good rates

Trading your gift cards with the best site is your best choice when it comes to selling Nike, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or any other gift card for naira. Nosh offers amazing rates compared to other platforms.

Safe transaction

Are you doubtful of making transactions? You’ve got nothing to be scared of. Everything is under control on the platform.

Swift transaction speed

One unique feature that makes Nosh ahead of other gift card platforms is fast transaction speed. The speed at which redeems and is laudable. Most transactions are done in an average of 5 minutes. Nosh is highly trusted and held in high regard because of this.

Friendly agents

Nosh agents are very friendly and trustworthy. They are always ready to meet the needs of their customers regarding exchanging or redeeming gift cards for cash.

Easy transaction

It is seamless to exchange your gift card for cash on the Nosh platform. The platform is easy to navigate and trading is straightforward. Even as a newbie, you got nothing to worry about.

Guaranteed payment

The greatest concern for any gift card trader is the assurance of getting their money. Nosh guarantees you not just your payment but as quickly as possible.

Available customer support

At Nosh, you can be rest assured of 24/7 quality customer support from a top-notch team.


You can sell your Nike gift cards for cash and receive immediate payment in Naira or Cedis anytime, anywhere.

As a gift card trader, your best bet is to learn how to Sell Nike Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria/Ghana.

Profit from this and exchange all of your gift cards at the best rates on the Nosh platform at any time, any day.

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