The beauty of gift cards doesn’t end at just giving or receiving them as gifts. It is necessary to put them to good use by exchanging them for cash.

The interesting thing about the Vanilla gift card is its reloadable feature. Once you exhaust the preloaded monetary value, you can choose to reload extra funds.

However, the hidden charges associated with the card may cause owners to dump it anywhere in their homes or car.

The best way to prevent that is to sell them on a reputable trading platform. Among many gift card trading platforms out there today, Nosh is guarantee you a safe and easy trading experience.

What is a Vanilla Gift Card?

A Vanilla gift card is a preloaded gift card and is a perfect payment option. It is also given out as a gift to friends and family.

During special occasions like birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, etc . it serves as an ideal gift. Businesses can use it to show appreciation and reward their loyal customers. Companies can also give out Vanilla gift cards to their employees as stipends.

Vanilla gift card is an example of open-loop gift cards which means they can be used anywhere they are accepted. It is available in different denominations ranging from $10 to $500. They come in two different forms which is physical (plastic) gift card and digital (E-code) gift card.

Features of Vanilla Gift Cards

  • Vanilla gift card activation requires a zip code for users to use it online.
  • There is no expiration date attached to any of the cards.
  • A Vanilla gift card’s highest monetary value is $250.
  • Unforeseen charges on the gift cards.
  • Vanilla physical gift cards always come with a 16-digit card number.

Types of Vanilla Gift Cards

There are three main types of Vanilla gift cards. They include:

  • Vanilla Discover gift card
  • OneVanilla Mastercard gift card
  • OneVanilla Visa gift card

Why is My Vanilla Gift Card Declined?

  • Your Vanilla gift card’s balance doesn’t meet your purchase amount.
  • You are yet to activate your card.
  • No zip code is affiliated with your gift card.
  • You use your vanilla gift card on another country’s platform.

How To Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance?

Checking your Vanilla gift card balance is sure to be the right course to take. You can easily do this by calling the brand’s customer service line or simply checking online.

Go to the Vanilla gift card official page and input your gift card number and 8-digit PIN. The card’s balance will be displayed after the page reloads. That’s the simple guide to checking your card’s balance online.

An alternative to that is placing a call to the customer support phone number written on the back of the gift card. You will be required to provide your card number and PIN. Ensure to follow all instructions provided promptly.

Does Vanilla Gift Card Expire?

Yes, the Vanilla gift card expires after 9 years from the time of purchase. It won’t be recognized as a form of payment anymore once it expires.

Please call the customer support number on the back of your card if you have any inquiries regarding your card’s expiration date. For more information or to chat with an agent, you may also visit the website and click Support.

How to Sell Vanilla Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The increase in gift card scams is due to the high demand of people looking to sell gift cards on reputable websites. Nevertheless, there are trustworthy sites where traders have reported having the best experiences. Nosh, a Nigerian gift card trading network, is the most recommended among its peers.

The following steps will guide you to sell your Vanilla gift card on the Nosh platform or app:

  • On the Nosh website or mobile app, register an account. The app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you’re a returning user, sign in using your valid information.
  • On the opening screen, select the gift card brand name. For example, Vanilla Gift card (Physical or E-code).
  • The gift card image can be swiped, or you can just choose it from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Click here to begin” button that is located underneath the text.
  • Select the subcategory of your Vanilla gift card on the following screen.
  • Choose the currency you want to be paid in, such as naira, then enter the quantity of the gift card you wish to sell. The rate calculator will automatically display the amount for your deal.
  • Continue to enter the e-code or gift card image, as appropriate.
  • Choose your preferred payment currency. You can either choose naira or cedis.
  • Click the cart icon to upload your card image.
  • Click “Sell.” Once the trade has been approved, you will be informed. Press “Submit” to continue.

Why Sell your Vanilla Gift Card on Nosh?

1. Transaction speed

The speed of Nosh’s transactions is well-known among its users. Within five minutes, all transactions are done. Nosh is your best bet if you need to trade immediately without waiting.

2. High rates

For your gift cards, are you seeking high rates? No other platform provides those intriguing offerings as Nosh does. You may also look for the most recent price for any gift card you like.

3. Seamless transaction

Eliminate the concept of challenging gift card trade. Enjoy the convenience of easy transactions with the Nosh app.

4. Excellent Customer service

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support line if you have any problems while buying or selling gift cards. You will receive prompt and adequate support.

5. Safe transaction

Your personal information and credit card data are completely protected on the site. There is nothing to be afraid of.

6. Guaranteed payment

As a result of the prevalence of fictitious exchange agents on the internet, I can understand the anxiety around gift card trading. Here, following a successful transaction, your payment is processed right away.


When it comes to selling gift cards in Nigeria, don’t miss out on Nosh. You will be privileged to enjoy the best rates, fast transactions, guaranteed payment, and active customer service.

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