I’ve come to know that everyone has a deep-seated desire to choose the better or best of a pair of options. When two things or individuals are thriving, there is an insatiable desire to rank and crown one monarch. I’ve noticed a lot of parallels between these two gift cards, and let’s face it, I’m only human. I’m honest enough to admit that I have the same emotion.

I’d be providing an unbiased comparison of both gift cards, allowing you to use your best judgment to determine which one has the upper hand.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card Price Online in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria, Accra, Ghana

Amazon is a worldwide retailer that offers digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, and other services. These gift cards are pre-loaded with a specified amount of money and can be used to purchase any item in their retail shops or online.

Features of Amazon Gift Cards

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with both cards, I’d like to discuss the differences between them so you can make an informed decision about which king to choose. Amazon gift cards are in high demand simply because they can be used in so many different places. However, the card’s prominence isn’t its sole advantage. There are still more advantages, such as;

1. There is no expiration date on Amazon gift cards:

The Amazon Gift Card has no set date of expiration. This is wonderful news because it offers you plenty of time to redeem and hold your card till you’re completely satisfied. You can reload your gift card when the balance on it runs low while keeping track of how much is left on it.

2. There is no fee to redeem Amazon gift cards:

When it comes to Amazon gift cards, there are no activation or redemption fees. Your cards would be worth 100% of their face value.

3. Resale value

On the right platform, Amazon gift cards make excellent resale items. Among the Amazon gift cards, the cash receipt has the highest rate. For your US cash, you can obtain as much as 310 per dollar.

American Express Gift Card

Buy American Express Gift Card | Emailed | Dundle (US)

As we all know, the American Express Company is a financial services company that has evolved into a cutting-edge money order system.

AMEX gift cards are one-of-a-kind, money-loaded digital assets.

This can be used to buy products and services from any store or website that accepts American Express cards.

Features of AMEX Gift Cards 

1. Versatility

Gift cards from American Express are extremely useful because they may be used to purchase products and services anyplace AMEX is accepted as a form of payment. That’s a lot of locations.

2. AMEX Gift Cards do not have an expiration date.

This has taken away the stress of worrying about redeeming your gift card before it expires.

3. Rates

Various fees apply to Amex Gift Cards, based on demand and amount. Currently, gift cards with a value of $300 or more have the highest redemption rate. For your $300 Amex gift card, you can obtain as much as 100,000 – 110,000 Naira.


You would have to equip yourself before heading into any battle. With this information, you should be able to determine which card is superior on your own. Looking for where to sell your Amazon gift cards or American Express? To get started, get the NOSH App and create an account. Using a well-known gift card exchange platform like NOSH is the smartest and safest option to sell your gift cards.

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