Do you have an Amazon gift card but don’t know how to use it? You’ve come to the right place because this article will show you how to use Amazon gift cards in Nigeria.


Amazon gift cards are used for making payments on the Amazon website. You can use the gift card to replace cash to buy different items from the Amazon store. This implies that you can only use the Amazon gift card to buy goods from Amazon.


2 Ways to Use Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria


There are two ways of using Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. You can use the gift card for the purpose that it is meant for. This can be done by adding the amount of the gift card to your Amazon account. The balance can then be used to shop on the site. The code can also be added to the space that you are offered while checking out.


The delivery charges for delivering the gift card from Amazon to Nigeria are sometimes higher than the cost of the item being delivered. If you want to avoid this, you need to find an alternative shipping method or company. Some shipping companies can give you a US shipping address that you will input when you are checking out on Amazon. When the item gets to the US address, the company will put the items together with others and ship them to Nigeria. By shipping your items with others, you will be able to split the shipping cost with the other people whose items you shipped yours with.


Another way you can use Amazon gift cards in Nigeria is to sell the gift card to others. Many people want to buy Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. These people want to use the card to shop on Amazon. This is a great option because the rate given by most banks is more than what people that want to sell their Amazon gift cards charge.


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We can also refer to those that deal in buying and selling Amazon gift cards as exchanges. After selling your gift card to an exchanger, you will receive the Naira equivalent of the face value of the gift card. The actual amount that you will receive will depend on the rate both of you agreed on.


However, you can sell your Amazon gift card at the best rates amaon Nosh.


Wrapping Up

This article has revealed the two methods through which you can use Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. If you want to choose the second method (i.e. selling your Amazon gift card), Nosh offers a secure and reliable platform to do so. You can sell your Amazon gift card on Nosh at the best rates and you will receive your money in your account within minutes.

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