If you are someone who spends their time scrolling through the eBay platform to check out different clothes, baseball cards, and other related items, an eBay gift card is a perfect gift for you.

These gift cards can be bought either in-store or online and can be used to pay for all purchases on the eBay site. You can also stay updated on your eBay gift card balance through their online store.

If you purchased an eBay gift card or it was gifted to you and you are confused about how to make maximum use of it, you are in the right place. In this article, I will explain the step-by-step guide on how to use your eBay gift card.

What is eBay Gift Card?

An eBay gift card is a prepaid card that can only be used on the eBay site. The physical eBay gift card can be purchased at physical stores like Walgreens, CVS, and others. The e-gift cards are codes that are sent via email or phone number and can be printed out. The gift card is available in different denominations ranging from $10 to $500.

There are no limits when it comes to using eBay gift cards. This makes it very easy for either simple or complex purchases. You can use an eBay gift card to purchase items like books, sports kits, accessories, clothes, and many others.

What Do You Need to Know About eBay?

eBay is a global e-commerce marketplace focused on various items including gadgets and home furnishing. It addresses the major focus of bringing buyers and sellers together on a universal platform. A lot of items can be purchased there, ranging from simple to complex items.

Customers are free to decide when and how they purchase. The interesting thing about eBay is its 24/7 availability which means you can even purchase items in the middle of the night. The opportunity to sell online to any person that desires the items is great for the sellers.

And, it’s perfect for the buyers too since they will be able to find any range of items they want from the comfort of their home. This is one of the benefits a buyer can enjoy by making use of an eBay gift card. You get to purchase items without issues and enjoy a great experience.


How to Use an eBay Gift Card to Make Purchases?

1. Sign in to your eBay account using your username and password.

2. Add the items you intend to purchase to the shopping cart. Alternatively, tap “Buy it now” to proceed to checkout.

3. Scroll down on the payment page and click on “Gift cards, coupons, and eBay bucks”. Input the 13-digit gift card code located on the back of your eBay gift card or included in your email, whatever the case may be.

4. Tap on “Apply”

5. Your items’ price total will be calculated. Your current balance will reflect if it can’t cover the cost. This is another reason why it is recommended to be aware of your gift card balance before going ahead to make purchases.

6. Select “Confirm and pay” to complete your checkout using Paypal.

Note: You will be redirected at the point of checking out if you didn’t sign in to your Paypal account or do not have one. This is because eBay works with Paypal for their gift cards.

How to Buy eBay Gift Card Online?

The amazing thing about purchasing an eBay gift card online is that it is pretty straightforward, provided you chose the platform to do your purchase. Putting everything into consideration, I believe that an eBay gift card is easiest to purchase on a platform like Nosh.

Although, Nosh is widely known as a platform where you can sell your gift cards. It is interesting to know that you can also buy your gift cards on the platform.

The way it works is very simple, you only need to download the Nosh mobile app on Playstore or App store. There will be different gift cards available for sale. All you have to do is scroll down till you find an eBay gift card. For better clarity, check out the following steps:

  1. Once you sign into the app, you will see “Buy Gift Card” on your dashboard. Ensure to read the terms and conditions each time you want to buy a gift card.
  2. Once that is done, tap on ‘Proceed”
  3. You will then need to select the gift card you want to purchase and input the amount. The system will calculate how much you are to pay which depends on the current rate. Kindly note that payments are removed directly from your naira balance.
  4. Check through the inputted details once again before you proceed with the purchase. Your gift card code will be delivered to you within a few minutes.

Note: If your purchase gets rejected, you will be notified in your transaction history why that happened. Be rest assured that your payment will be reversed to your NOSH naira wallet.

How to Check eBay Gift Card Balance?

eBay has made it easy to check the gift card balance online. Here are the simple steps to check:

  • Go to the eBay gift card balance checker site.
  • Input your gift card code. The code is a 12-digit found in the credential that came with the received email when you purchased the card.
  • Tap the “Check Balance” button and you will see the gift card balance


I recommend you take your time to research and study any platform you conclude to purchase your eBay gift card from. Go for a platform that offers you many options so you can just select what works for you and your budget. If you want to buy an eBay gift card now, go for Nosh and you will be excited you do so because of its top-notch user experience, reliability, and great prices.

Also, make use of the above guide on how to check your eBay gift card balance. So, you can be informed of your current balance before making decisions on your purchases.

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