Visa Gift Card has now become an ideal gift for people. There are also several benefits attached to it.

Compared to other gift cards that can only be used on certain sites, the Visa gift card is flexible to be used at different times in different locations.

Amazon is admirable to a lot of people due to its widely available affordable items. It is possible to use an Amazon gift card on Amazon but is it possible to make purchases with a Visa gift card?

Not only is it possible to use a Visa gift card on Amazon, but there are also ways you can go about it and make the platform believe it’s a credit or debit card. Let’s find out!

Does a Visa Gift Card Work on Amazon?

Yes, a Visa gift card works on Amazon. Despite existing options like selling your Amazon gift card or Visa gift card for cash, it is fantastic to know you can use a Visa gift card on Amazon.

Just like your Amazon card or debit card, you can use your Visa gift card to buy any item of your choice. It is also possible to use multiple Visa gift cards to purchase items on Amazon.

However, you will need to work around Amazon’s set rules by buying an Amazon gift card with the remaining balance on your Visa gift card.

Visa Gift Card Amazon Restrictions

Amazon allows you to enjoy features like the opportunity to purchase Amazon gift cards with various Visa gift cards and add them as a total balance, a Visa card that doesn’t expire, and many more.

However, there are still some restrictions placed on Visa gift cards. They are listed below:

  • There is no direct possibility for gift card combinations. You need to purchase an Amazon gift with your available balance before you are allowed to combine multiple Visa gift cards to buy an item on your Amazon account.
  • There is also a CVV restriction. Amazon won’t request the 3-digit code on the back of your Visa gift card. Your payment processing is liable to not succeed if your Visa gift card requires CVV which is unlikely.

How to Use Amazon Gift Card

  • Check the claim code written on the back of your Amazon gift card
  • Log in to your Amazon account. Sign up for an account if you do not have one.
  • Click on “Your Account”
  • Tap on the “Gift cards” button
  • Access “Redeem a Gift Card” button which is underneath “Your Gift Card Balance”
  • Input the Amazon claim code
  • Then select the “Apply to your balance” button

If you are curious about reliable platforms to use your Amazon gift card, it is recommended to go for the best site to sell your gift cards.

How Do I Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

Ensure your Visa gift card is activated before you make use of it on Amazon. The following steps will guide you:

  • Go to “Amazon’s reload page|”.
  • Tap on Reload your balance.
  • Input the amount on your Visa gift card inside the box on the right where “Other” is displayed.
  • Log in by clicking “Buy Now”. The step isn’t necessary if you’ve already logged in to your Amazon account.
  • Proceed by clicking “Choose a Payment Method” and tap “Add a Debit or Credit Card”.
  • Type in your gift card details and select “Add Card”; if you are not sure of the name on the card, call the number on the back of the gift card to confirm.
  • Select the gift card you just added as the preferred payment option.
  • Re-confirm the amount you want to load to your Amazon gift card balance.
  • You can then proceed to place your order.

How Do I Use Multiple Visa Gift Cards on Amazon?

Amazon will allow you to pay with an Amazon gift card and another method of payment, although you won’t be able to split payments with several credit cards.

Changing your unused Visa gift card into an Amazon gift card allows you to use the available balance.

Combining Visa gift cards into a single Amazon balance is feasible. You can access it under Amazon gift cards when you are ready to check out.

It is possible to split payment between an Amazon gift card and another authorized credit or debit card, even though unfeasible with multiple cards.

How Do I Use a Target Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

The following guideline will direct you on how to use a Target Visa gift card on Amazon.

  • Sign to your Target account.
  • Proceed to the “Checkout” option.
  • Click the “I’m ready to check out” button
  • Select “Payments”
  • Click on “Edit”
  • Scroll to check the box beside “Apply a Target gift card”.
  • Select the gift card you want to use
  • Conclude the checkout process.

Why Amazon Doesn’t Permit You to Use Gift Card Balance?

There are several reasons why Amazon might not allow you to use your gift card balance. Let’s check them out:

  • The amount you charged is more than the available balance on the card.
  • The card has not been activated
  • The credit card processing system adds an increment to either permit a tip or puts a hold on the card.
  • The cashier is not processing the right transaction.

Benefits of Using Visa Gift Card on Amazon

There are a few benefits that come with using a Visa Gift Card on Amazon. They include:

You can load any amount

Amazon allows you to load any amount to your account. This means there is no existing restriction on the maximum or the minimum Visa gift card amount you can reload on Amazon. You are only required to load just $0.50 minimum.

You can combine Visa gift cards

Assuming you have several Visa gift cards with funds like $3.67, $5.21, and $7.50, you can choose to combine them into a single balance on Amazon. However, you are required to buy Amazon gift cards with the fund on your Visa gift card to be able to combine them as a single balance.


If you’ve been worried about the inability to spend the small balance on your Visa gift card, the information provided above will be a great strategy.

Having several Visa gift cards with small balances can also be used by combining them into one single balance on Amazon.

If you also choose to exchange gift cards for money, it is imperative to check out gift cards with the highest resale value.

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