If you want to buy a gift card for an Apple product gadget owner this holiday, you may be wondering if you should choose an iTunes gift card or an Amazon gift card. There are different things you should consider before choosing a gift card.


Keep reading to know more about the iTunes vs. Amazon gift cards and the gift card that you can use for different situations.


Gift Card Choices

When you want to buy a gift card from Apple, there are some things that you need to consider. You need to consider what you want to use the card for; do you want to buy it for the Apple Store or iTunes? You can use an Apple Store gift card to buy Apple accessories (such as iPhone, iPad mini, iPhone case, earbuds, and lots more).


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An Apple Store gift card is the only gift card that you can use to buy games and apps for iOS devices in the App Store. If you don’t know the one to buy, you can go for an Apple Store gift card. You can take the two gift cards to an Apple retail store and easily exchange them for an iTunes gift card.


Options on Tech Accessories

If you want more options on Apple accessories, then you need to consider an Amazon gift card. The Apple Store charges full retail price on the products it offers while Amazon can provide better deals on the same accessory or gear. This can increase the value of your gift card.


Books, Music, and Video

iTunes Music and Amazon MP3 stores have music libraries but iTunes has an edge over the two. Amazon has a native iOS cloud player which allows users to directly play music from Amazon’s music service on iPhone and iPod touch. Amazon also has an Amazon MP3 Downloader that you can use to download DRM-free Amazon MP3 music. The downloader can also be used to automatically add the downloaded tracks to iTunes Music Library on Mac.


Although buying music from any of the music stores will yield almost the same results, the Amazon MP3 Store has better deals on music.


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The same thing also applies to books. Amazon and Apple have selections that you can choose from in their book libraries. Amazon has both the Kindle iOS app and Kindle application for OS X. The only thing you cannot do on Amazon is to transfer books that you bought from Amazon to your Apple iBooks library (and vice versa).


In terms of video, your choice will be determined by what you want to watch. If you have only Apple TV, then you can watch your videos directly by buying or renting the videos on iTunes. Amazon’s Instant Video can be used on almost every smart television, game console, and Blu-ray player.


Also, Amazon’s Instant Video Player for iPad can be used to watch a video that you bought or rented on Amazon.


Wrapping Up

If what you need the gift card for is to buy music and videos, iTunes may seem more convenient. However, Amazon has more promotions and better deals. If what you need are ebooks, you need to consider the online library that you want to maintain.


The summary of this iTunes vs. Amazon gift cards guide is this; if you want to use the gift to buy apps and games for your iOS devices, the only option you have is an iTunes gift card.


If you need a gift card for something apart from this, then the Amazon gift card is a better deal.

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