This article will consider plastic cards vs. e-gift cards and the ideal option for businesses.

Gift cards are becoming popular as an effective means of appreciating those that matter to you. This is a tried and tested method of encouraging your employee or improving client engagement. Although e-gift cards and plastic gift cards can be used as an incentive, only one can help you in your business.

Read on to discover our view on plastic cards vs. e-gift cards and to also know what the better option is.


Why Do Businesses Prefer Plastic Gift Cards?

Get more sales in your store

Some customers choose gift cards because they cannot decide the best item to give. Maybe they came to your business to get a specific item that was not in stock. Or maybe they would come up with the idea that will help them get the right gift. Irrespective of what the situation is, your customer wants to give a physical gift. Having well-designed, attention-grabbing gift cards on display can make the difference between your customer buying a product from you or going to another business.

Improve your customers’ gift-giving experience

Plastic gift cards create a good gift-giving and receiving experience. An e-gift card may feel impersonal while a plastic gift card gives a physical giving-and-receiving experience. Your customers can put a plastic gift card in a decorative sleeve and then add it to a greeting card.

Also, you can make the gift cards look like an actual gift by packaging them with decorative sleeves, backers, or envelopes.

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Why is the Market Turning to Digital Gift Cards?

They are instant

Digital gift cards can be instantly delivered to a recipient through email. Plastic gift cards, on the other hand, can take many days when you send them by post. This method is not only time-consuming, but it also makes you incur extra costs.

They are cheaper

You won’t incur any activation or delivery fees with e-gift cards. There are also hidden costs that people need to pay when using plastic gift cards, such as the cost of replacing a gift card when it gets lost or not delivered.

They are more secure

People usually forget what to do with plastic gift cards until they give them to someone. The longer you store a plastic gift card, the higher the risk of misplacing it. Once you lose a plastic gift card, the value will be forfeited.

E-gift cards, on the other hand, can be sent when you need them; so you don’t need to store them. Also, they can be easily tracked.

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They can be customized at a little cost

Since you don’t need to print e-gift cards, you can customize them at little cost. The ability to customize these cards allows businesses to be creative with their gift card program. You can use flexible virtual gift cards since these cards allow your recipients to choose what they want. Some e-gift cards even allow you to split the total value of the card across different cards. This gets rid of the risk of sending what the recipient does not use or like.


Wrapping Up

When thinking of plastic cards vs. e-gift cards, you need to go for the option that keeps your employee happy, makes your business run lean, and satisfies your customers. E-gift cards help you achieve all these.

If you’ve decided to use e-gift cards in your business, here are some of the things you need to know about e-gift cards.

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