The Ridgefield Chamber is switching to a Ridgefield Community E-Gift Card from its current paper-based gift certificate program.

Redeeming unredeemed paper certificates will still be acknowledged, says Diana Spence, Executive Director of the Ridgefield Chamber.

“The Gift Card is processed by businesses in the same way that a prepaid Mastercard is. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to collect paper gift certificates and submit them to the Chamber office for reimbursement. Now, the proceeds of the sale are deposited promptly into your bank account. Participation in the Community Gift Card program is free for Chamber members* ” Spence explains.

Our technology partner, Yiftee, powers the Gift Card program. It supports over 130,000 participating businesses throughout over 400 U.S. towns. The Fairfield and New Canaan Chambers of Commerce have had success implementing this gift card program in their respective towns.

Spence says, “Only the participating Ridgefield businesses can accept the gift cards. The goal is to bring more business to you and encourage local spending by clients. With a link to your website, your business will be mentioned on the Community Gift Card webpage.”

Contact Diana Spence at if you have any questions or if you want to take part in the Community Gift Card program.

Non-Chamber businesses and restaurants can sign up for the Community Gift Card Program and join the Chamber for a month for just $100.

Your Chamber membership and registration in the Gift Card Program will take effect right away, and you will have access to all membership perks.

You will be charged the $250 remaining balance as an Executive Level Chamber member if you are satisfied with your membership after six months and want to keep participating in the Gift Card Program and being a member of the Chamber.