Looking for how to save money with gift cards? You’ve come to the right place.


Gift cards are a favorite gift for many people that want their family or loved ones to choose the exact gift they want. These items often top the list of requested gifts, but many people don’t use the full amount.


Also, people are not aware that they can use gift cards to make a budget for their daily expenses. These cards can help shoppers that usually shop in the wrong places with cash or those that go beyond their budget when using credit cards.


Quick Review

Here are 5 strategies that you can use to save money with credit cards:

  • Give gift cards, not cash
  • Don’t go beyond your budget
  • Buy discount gift cards that you will use
  • Buy discount gift cards that you will give
  • “Give One, Get One” gift card offers


Detailed Guide

1.   Give gift cards, not cash

When you are giving someone cash as a gift, fears of being portrayed as being stingy may make you give more than you can afford. Some people believe that gift cards pose the same problem. However, when you add a personal touch to a gift card (for instance something free, homemade, or inexpensive), the recipient will focus on the total package and not the amount of the gift card.


2.   Don’t go beyond your budget

You can easily overspend when you are shopping for traditional gifts. Although you might have a limit in mind, it is not always possible to find something that you like within the range you have set. Gift cards can help you overcome this temptation. By putting the exact amount that you want to spend on your gift card, you will be able to save money.


Irrespective of what you’re buying and where you’re buying from, use this strategy to make most of your gift cards and save money.


3.   Purchase discount cards that you will use

No rule compels you to give gift cards away. You can save money with gift cards by buying discount gift cards that you can use. For instance, when the holidays are approaching, you can order discount gift cards. You will be able to save about 30 to 40 percent when you combine your gift card purchases with coupons.


4.   Buy discount gift cards that you will give

You can also save money with gift cards by choosing a discount gift card the recipient would love to have. The discounts are usually between 2 percent and 6 percent. You can also save about 20 percent at popular clothing stores.


Although you will pay less than the actual value for the gift card, the recipient will not be aware of this and will still be able to spend the actual value of the gift card.


5.   Benefit from the “Give One, Get One” offers

During gift-giving events (like holidays, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day amongst others), retailers offer promotions like “buy one gift card, receive a promotional gift card for free.” Take advantage of offers like this to save money with gift cards.



As shown in the article, there are different strategies that you can use to save money with gift cards. Simply stick to any of the strategies and you won’t have to go beyond your budget ever again.


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