Apple used to provide two distinct gift cards: iTunes and Apple Store cards. The iTunes gift card may be used to purchase goods from the iTunes and App Store. On the other hand, an Apple store card was used to make purchases from Apple’s physical and online retail stores. The business has now combined the two cards to create the more intriguing Apple gift card. Apple had previously only allowed the new card to be used in the United States, but they are now accessible in Canada and Australia. Thus far, Apple has not provided any information on the release date for the new card in other nations. The Apple gift card can be used to make purchases online and offline for anything bearing the brand name.

Gift cards from Apple can only be used to buy products and services from Apple stores, websites and apps, including, Apple TV, Apple Books, Apple Music, and the Apple physical store. And y ou can buy Apple gift cards at the Apple Store, online at or in the app. Additionally, you can purchase an Apple Store gift card in a variety of amounts (denominations).

Forms of Apple Gift Card

  1. Physical gift card: These are plastic cards that you can buy at shops like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and so on, at your convenience. These gift card can also be ordered on the company’s website and will be delivered to you.
  2. E-gift card: The Apple e-gift card is a digital equivalent of the physical iTunes gift card. The recipient receives the code by email or phone number.

Is An Apple Gift Card A Good Gift?

Whether it be gadget, music, or an idea for a fast yet meaningful gift, w e often use Apple gift cards since they have so many options. You can never go wrong with an Apple Store gift card. With thousands of users and the idea of gift cards, Apple, one of the largest digital companies in the world, has the largest inventory.

Apple’s first iPhone redefined what a mobile device might be for millions of people, rendering all other phones instantly out of date. And as a result, many people all across the world—including those in Ghana and Nigeria—have received Apple gift cards. Although the Apple gift card has not yet been commonly adopted in these nations, it would be tempting to throw it away or leave it sitting idle in a desk drawer when you are given the card as a gift by a loved one. Even though you are in Nigeria or Ghana, there are means to spend the entire amount of your Apple gift card. Therefore, selling it for naira or cedis is one method that is advised. Do you want to obtain the value of your Apple Store gift card if you have one? Continue reading to learn the quickest way to sell an Apple store gift card for naira.

How to Exchange An Apple Gift Card in Nigeria

Nosh is an online marketplace where you can trade your gift cards for cash. You can quickly swap an Apple gift card for naira using the NOSH, and you are not restricted to that; you can exchange any gift card as well.

The actual trading process is rather simple to comprehend:

  1. Download the app, create an account or log in.
  2. Choose Apple under your gift card category
  3. Enter the value of the card you want to sell.
  4. Submit your request
  5. You will receive a response from the platform in 5-10 minutes.
  6. Once the gift card has been confirmed, the naira or cedis equivalent will be paid to you instantly.

You can contact NOSH support via email:, or via live chat (on the mobile app or on the site) if you prefer a more interactive session.

Apple Store Gift Card

How Much is a $100 iTunes Gift Card?

In Nigeria, an iTunes gift card has a high value, making it pricey; a $100 Apple gift card is valued at more than N30,000. Currently, it the rate is valued at 370, which means you’ll receive N37,000 for a $100 Apple card. At Cardnosh, we have an automatic rates calculator on our site and app that may allow our clients to check out the current prices of the gift cards they wish to trade as one of our initiatives to ensure that we provide transparent and efficient services to our users. So, do you want to look in other subcategories for various denominations of the Apple gift card, such as $25, $50 and more? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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How to check your Apple Gift Card Balance?

You can check your balance on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or on Windows PC.

How To check balance on your iPhone or iPad or Mac;

  • Open the App Store app
  • Click on your photo or sign-in button
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
  • Your balance will be shown underneath your name if you have one. If there is nothing visible, then you don’t have a balance remaining.

How To check your balance on your Windows PC;

  • Open iTunes for Windows and sign in
  • Select ‘Store’ at the top of the iTunes window
  • Your balance will be shown underneath your name if you have one. If there is nothing visible, then you don’t have a balance remaining.

Wrapping Up

The most recent card product introduced by Apple, the Apple gift card, is a tool that makes shopping on Apple easier. These gift cards can be used to buy any item on Apple after being redeemed. Items from physical Apple Stores, iTunes, the Apple website, Apple TV, Apple Books, etc. are examples. The best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria is CardNosh. The customer support team is available around-the-clock, and the application is incredibly easy to use.

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