Giving someone the flexibility and freedom to purchase whatever they want is easy with a gift card. It comes with money that can be used to make purchases and can either be a physical gift card or a digital gift card (ecode). While digital gift cards can occasionally be loaded into mobile wallets, they can only be used to make online purchases. Physical gift cards can be used in stores.

A survey states that the market for gift cards was estimated to be worth 320 billion dollars worldwide in 2017 and was expected to grow to 510 billion dollars by 2025.

Gift card use and trading have greatly increased in Africa, which has led to a significant surge in demand for them. Of course, as compared to previous generations, this generation is more digital and tech savvy.

Gift cards are frequently exchanged for cash on many platforms in Nigeria. This is frequently used by youths, who make up 42.5% of the country’s population, according to research. Consequently, it is widely used throughout the nation.

The Nosh App and Giftcardstonaira are notable among the many well-liked trade platforms in Nigeria. Redeeming digital assets was difficult and seemed nearly impossible for a spell in Nigeria. Thus, selling these assets for cash was never easy for the sellers in Nigeria. But this bottleneck has been eliminated by the invention gift card exchange apps.

These obstacles presented a chance for the creators of GiftCardsToNaira and Nosh App, who moved to build advantageous and trustworthy platforms for gift card exchange. They could have lost ground to other competitors, but their openness, dependability, and tenacity have helped them rise to the top.

Do you require a secure site to trade gift cards? Would you mind carefully reading this content to determine your top choice?

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The NOSH App (also known as CardNosh) has been a huge success since completely focusing its services on making the conversion of gift cards to cash seamless. Now you can instantly and from anywhere sell gift cards for naira or cedis.

A platform that assures its users competitive rates, quick transactions, fast payments and a positive user experience. In many ways, selling gift cards online requires determination. You always enjoy the best possible gift card rates at Nosh. The Nosh platform recognise that enticing service and delivery are essential to getting you to use the service again.

NOSH 2.0 — What's New?. In the first quarter of September, NOSH… | by Nosh NG | Medium

Pros of Cardnosh

  1. The application is easy to use.
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. No limits on withdrawal
  4. You can buy gift cards. Not limited to the ‘Sell’ feature.
  5. You can convert gift card to cedis
  6. Zero transfer fee
  7. Virtual account
  8. Pay bills, buy airtime/data and fund bet wallet.

Cons of Cardnosh

  1. Limited to gift card to cash, no crypto.

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A reputable gift card exchange in Nigeria is GiftCardsToNaira. The app facilitates selling and buying gift cards for immediate cash (Nigeria naira or Ghanaian cedis). Your gift cards are purchased by the site, which pays in Naira, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. On the app, you can sell up to 25 different gift cards. In addition to many others, they trade Steam, Apple iTunes, Sephora, Google Play, Vanilla, Amex, Nike, and Nordstrom.

Pros of GiftCardsToNaira

  1. The app is easy to use.
  2. 247/7 customer service.
  3. You can convert gift card to cedis.

Cons of GiftCardsToNaira

  1. Limited to gift card to cash.
  2. They don’t offer a “Buy” Feature

Wrapping Up

You can use the Nosh App to exchange your gift cards for Naira or Cedis. You can check how much your cards are worth with the rates calculator, set up an account, and start trading immediately. Since all payouts are immediate, you will have cash in your pulse by the end of the day. People lose money usually while attempting to sell gift cards for cash online, especially in Nigeria, since many websites that can be discovered online are untrustworthy. To avoid the hassles involved in your gift card exchange process, either Cardnosh (Nosh App) or GiftCardsToNaira will get the job but be rest assured when using the Nosh App with zero worries because the job will be done without any iota of stress.

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