There has been a record of a significant increase in the number of customers for several business brands after they started using gift cards to influence and support their businesses.

Customers can use gift cards to order online and receive a secure delivery rather than going through the inconvenience of using credit or debit cards, which may incur additional fees from a controlling bank.

Women in particular who love skincare and cosmetics have long benefited from utilizing a gift card from Sephora to make purchases at the Sephora online store.

I will teach you how to easily sell Sephora gift cards for cash in cedis in this post.

What is Sephora?

One of the top beauty businesses in existence today is the American company Sephora, which sells beauty products and cosmetics.

The majority of Sephora’s customers are female consumers who value skincare and makeup. Over 2,700 outlets for the brand exist in 35 different countries. It is well recognized for its high-end goods.

Due to online presence, shopping is now easy from anywhere in the world. You may always buy anything from the Sephora shop with a gift card.

What is a Sephora Gift Card?

There are many different gift cards available, but the Sephora gift card is one of the best. Because of the card’s adaptability, it is well known. Sephora, a multinational provider of beauty products, founded it.

The value of a Sephora gift card ranges from $10 to $500. The card can be redeemed in any Sephora store globally and online, in addition to being used to make online purchases.

You can buy physical Sephora gift cards or digital gift cards. They are redeemable in Sephora stores and come in a variety of denominations.

How to Buy Sephora Gift Card? 

Since Sephora Gift Cards are sold practically anywhere in the world, buying one isn’t too difficult. You can buy Sephora gift cards online or in-person at any retailer, including Walmart and Best Buy. You can also buy Sephora gift cards online.

Additionally, Sephora Gift Cards are available from websites like eBay, Amazon, and unquestionably the Sephora website.

How to Sell Sephora Card for Cedis on NOSH

Nosh is an online marketplace where you can trade your gift cards for cash. You can quickly swap a Sephora gift card for cedis using the NOSH, and you are not restricted to that; you can exchange any gift card as well.

The actual trading process is rather simple to comprehend:

  1. Simply Download the app, create an account or log in.
  2. Choose “Sephora” under your gift card category
  3. Enter the value of the card you want to sell.
  4. Submit your request
  5. You will receive a response from the platform within 5-10 minutes.
  6. Once the gift card has been confirmed, the cedis equivalent will be paid to you instantly.

You can contact NOSH support via email:, or via live chat (on the mobile app or on the site) if you prefer a more interactive session.

How to Check Sephora Gift Card Balance?

There are multiple ways to check the balance of a Sephora Gift Card for various brands. Although every brand operates differently, the following advice can be used broadly. The card number and pin, which are located on the back of your gift card, are the details you need to check the balance of your gift card.

By entering the number on the back of the gift card, you may also check the amount of many restaurants and merchants’ gift cards online.

You can check the balance on a Sephora gift card using the following techniques:

  1. Tap on your name in the top-left corner of your Sephora account after logging in.
  2. Go to the “My Account” page and look in the “Payments and Credits” section.
  3. To view the balance on your gift card, click the “Check Now” option.

Calling the Sephora agent line at 1-888-860-7897 will also allow you to check the balance on your gift card.

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