When it comes to acquiring gift cards, there is still a lot of thought that goes through the minds of prospective customers, especially those in Nigeria. People want to know which gift card will be most useful to them. Google Play and Steam are undoubtedly two of the first gift cards that come to mind. You can count on Nigerians to want the very best and finest for themselves. Which explains the subsequent survey or evaluation to determine which of these two widely famous cards is superior.

Many gift card users, even those who are new to the system, frequently mix up Google Play and Steam Gift cards. They do, however, share some minor similarities as well as variances. This post will clarify the situation and provide additional information about both gift cards. Moreover, if you’re reading this and aren’t sure where to sell your Google Play or Steam gift card is, take a look at our articles on Google Play Gift Cards and Steam Gift Cards.

Here’s a quick overview on both of them for those who are not acquainted.


Steam Link app will let users play on their Android phones (Update: Beta out now, works OK!) - Android Authority

Steam is an online gaming service that allows you to create, connect with, and play games. It is the largest computer gaming distribution platform.

Steam Gift Card

Steam Wallet gift cards are prepaid cards with money that can be used to buy paid games and other apps on the Steam platform.

Google Play

Gift Card Promotions, Where to Buy, & Management - Google Play

The is a Google product that is a digital media platform that offers a large number of applications that run on the Android operating system. It is in fact, the largest app store (larger than Apple Store) with 3.48 million Android apps as of the first quarter of 2021.

Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift cards can be used to buy any paid app on the Google Play store, including games, movies, and music.

It’s evident now that these two are not the same thing. They do, however, share some characteristics. For example, on their respective platforms, they can both be used to purchase paid applications. They can also make a fantastic gift for your loved ones. It isn’t restricted to only these.

Which of the two has higher rate?

Another important element to consider while obtaining these cards is the price. 
The rate of card is determined by the demand for it at any given time. 
In other words, if there’s lot of demand for $100 Steam gift card, the card’s rate will be high, and vice versa.

This should alert you to the fact that rates will never be consistent and will always fluctuate. The Steam Wallet gift card currently has higher rate on NOSH than the Google Play gift card. 

Currently, the UK Steam gift card has the highest rate.


You can’t go wrong with either of these two giants. Because their gift cards are constantly in demand, they are highly valued. Besides, not everyone will want to redeem their gift cards because some may be ready to cash them in. You can visit the NOSH website or download the NOSH mobile app, which is compatible with all operating systems. Both cards are still viable options when it comes to resale value. Their rates are consistently competitive; your Google Play gift card may be worth more than a Steam gift card today, but the opposite may be true tomorrow.


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