Looking for the best gift cards to give your loved ones this Christmas? You’re in the right place.


The demand for gift cards has been increasing over the years. This is good news to retailers that use gift cards to promote their businesses. A survey conducted by WalletHub revealed that 41 percent of those surveyed preferred gift cards as holiday gifts.


A gift card can be given as a gift to a friend or loved one during the holiday. They help you overcome the fear of rejection that is associated with giving people what they do not want. Gift cards allow the recipient to make their choices by spending the cards in the stores they prefer.


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How Gift Cards Work

Gift cards are usually used by retailers and marketers as a means of promoting their businesses and attracting new customers. You cannot cash out a gift card but can use it to buy in certain stores. Gift cards are popular gifts and they have huge demand.


Women are the main users of gift cards. A $50 gift card from Amazon implies that you can buy anything from any store on Amazon that is within the value of the card. Simply turn over the card and you will get the item.


The Best Gift Cards That Can Be Given as Gifts

Although most women prefer gift cards as presents to a visit to the spa, I need to make it known that you cannot just give any type of gift card as a present.


The bestselling gift cards and those that are ideal as presents include gift cards issued by Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, Visa, and Walmart.


If you want to sell your gift cards or you want to send them as a gift to a friend or a loved one, ensure you note the bestselling gift cards so that you can give them one they could use for tangible things.


Most Popular Gift Cards

Here is a full list of the most popular gift cards that you can give out as presents this Christmas:

  • Amazon gift card
  • Google Play gift card
  • Walmart gift card
  • Visa gift card
  • eBay gift card
  • Disney gift card
  • American Express gift card
  • Target gift card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Sephora gift card


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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have considered the best gift cards you can give your friends and loved ones as presents during the holiday season.


Although many gift cards go unused as they end up being misplaced or stolen, ensure you use these gift cards on time so that you can get a product that is worth the card’s value.


If you don’t need a gift card, then you can give it out as a present or sell it to get its value in cash. Also, pay attention to the expiry date and demurrage policy before you sell or store it.


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