The gift card market is blooming today in Nigeria. While that sounds good, it also increases the chance of scammers and cyber-criminals penetrating the market. As a holder of any gift cards, you are a prospective victim of online rippers.

Now, how do you ensure not to be a victim of scams in Nigeria? If you agree with me, you need to be aware of useful tips to keep your gift cards safe.

One of the many strategies scammers explore is to urge you to share your gift cards and, then promise you too-good-to-believe rates in exchange for your gift cards. Once, you share your gift card pin with them, it is done.

However, there are ways you could avoid such scams and keep your gift cards safe. Let’s discuss useful tips to stay safe from these gift card scams.


How to Keep Your Gift Cards Safe?

Research the Gift Card trading platform

Before you purchase a gift card, it is essential to do your personal research into the eligibility of the trading platform. Ensure that they are trustworthy and secure.

Don’t make the mistake of buying gift cards from any online auction site because other people on the internet can steal them. Always check the codes of the gift cards.

Keep the activation receipt safe

During the purchase of any gift card, an activation receipt always follows. Make sure to keep that receipt safe as well as the gift card ID number.

Sell or use your gift card in time

After purchasing a gift card, it is advisable to sell or use them as soon as you can. This is to avoid misplacing it or getting it stolen. Once your gift card finds its way into the hands of online rippers, that’s the end of it.

The recommended caution is to go for a platform that allows you to sell your gift card into instant cash without hitches.

Choose Nosh to sell them

The important step to take so as to stay safe from gift card scams and secure your money is to find a reliable platform/app to trade. Nosh is your go-to app here as it is highly rated among its current customers.

Nosh is transparent and reachable. You can send a message on Whatsapp at +234 812 534 9466 or just go straight to the website. Better still, search Cardnosh on Playstore or Applestore to download the app.

Upload gift card onto the retailer’s app

It is most advisable to upload your gift card onto the retailer’s app upon purchase. As soon as that is done, your gift card is safe even if it finds its way to a scammer’s hand. The physical card will be of no use.

Diligently following the above tips will keep your gift cards safe from online scams and defrauders.

How to Protect Your Gift Cards from Going to Waste?

Beyond convenience, gift cards can be your “savior” during unexpected shopping or to gift friends you can’t think of a perfect gift for. As much as gift cards have a lot of benefits attached to them, one of their common downsides is misplacing them or forgetting you have one.

If you are part of that group, it is time to take deliberate action. I’ve taken my time to do enough research on how you can claim gift card balances and remember you have one. Let’s look at what I found:

Treat It Like Cash

If someone gifts you $100, what you immediately do is keep it in your wallet or pocket or probably spend it the next time you visit a supermarket. Not treating gift cards the same way is one of the reasons you tend to forget you have them in the first place.

When you get a gift card either as a purchase or a gift, the idea of keeping it for the perfect time to use is another reason that increases the likelihood of it being forgotten. The card sits idle in your wardrobe or gets lost in some ways.

Stay on Top of Your Balance

There are cases where you’ve used a gift card and have just a little balance on it that can’t be used to purchase a single item. Sounds familiar, right?

With some popular gift cards like Visa and Amex gift cards, it may not be a challenge as customers are allowed to deplete balances.

So, instead of throwing out those gift cards with a small balance, keep them safe for future purchases. Another option is to reload (if the gift card’s brand allows that) or just give it out as a gift to loved ones.

Put together all your gift cards with a leftover balance, and jot down the card numbers and corresponding balances somewhere safe. It can be referred back to during your next shopping. There are ways you can utilize the last few cents on your gift cards by combining the funds to make a purchase.

To stay on top of your gift card balance, you can check the back of your card for useful information. I have written some blogs on how to check the balance of certain gift cards. I will advise you to check them out.

Useful Links:

How to check your Amazon gift card, Apple gift card balance, or Walmart gift card balance?

Be careful about using third-party platforms to check your gift card balance. The safest method is to go directly to the gift card issuer or follow the instructions on your gift card.

Seek Out the Lost

You could have asked yourself a question about what to do in case you lost your gift card. It may be easy to track the gift card with its card number if you registered with the gift card company. This is why it is important to write down your card number safe somewhere after every purchase.

Check your mail for the receipt of your e-code for the card number. If you got the gift card as a gift, you can just reach out to whoever gave you the necessary details.

Recycle With Caution

If you have a gift card you do not plan to use, there are ways you can utilize them. You can choose to donate the gift cards to charity homes or as a gift to a loved one. Another option is to purchase a present for someone like buying a game with a Steam gift card.

But if you want to sell your gift card for cash, be cautious and stay wary of so-called exchanging platforms. The best site to trade gift cards currently in Nigeria is Cardnosh. Download the nosh app now to get started.


Always make sure to buy gift cards from credible platforms.  Important features of the best platform to go are secured transactions and guaranteed payment. That and more are the benefits associated with using the Nosh.

Happy Trading!

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