People’s thirst for gaming remains unwavering even when they lose interest in everything else. People are entertained by games, which keep them occupied and oblivious to problems. Fortunately, there are many excellent games that have been released and are available for you to enjoy.

If Steam is your preferred gaming platform and you are an avid PC gamer, you might wish to get a Steam gift card and use the gaming code to access the thrilling games on Steam.

I will discuss the top games to buy with your steam gift card in this article.

Best Games You Can Buy With Your Steam Gift Card

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world game developed by the producer of the Witcher series. Its release was delayed a few times, but it was finally released in 2020. The game had sold more than 18 million copies as of April 2020.

The game takes place in Night City, a vast metropolis obsessed with glamor, power, and bodily alteration. V, the main character, is an outlaw searching for an implant that could be the secret to eternal life. In the game, players can choose to change their skillset, playstyle, and the cyberware.

The environment around you will change as a result of every choice you make. Players have access to a wide range of weapons (all of which can be upgraded), as well as body-improving implants and hacking abilities.

The idea is to increase your street reputation so that you may land better gigs as an outlaw. You must eliminate everyone in your path to this objective, including gangs, cops, and mercenary. You can buy more cyberware, guns, vehicles, motorcycles, and wacky apparel with the money you make from jobs.

The city is enormous, vibrant, and brimming with possibilities.
The debut of Cyberpunk 2077 is largely embraced by gamers. You ought to put this game on your wishlist if you manage to obtain a Steam gift card.

2. Serious Sam 4

A thrilling prequel that reimagines the original first-person shooter game with carnage, intense combat, and catchphrases from the past.

As Mental’s hordes expand throughout the earth and obliterate what little of civilization it is left, human society is under siege. The only thing between the horde and the total destruction of human civilization is Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed team.

Chainsaw launchers, double-barrel shotguns, miniguns, automatic shotguns, and, of course, the recognizable cannon are just a few of the weaponry available to players.

You can enhance your toys along the way to amp up the mayhem and destruction. There is also a 4-player online co-op mode if you wish to play with pals.

You definitely want to install this as a fan of the Serious Sam series.

3. Wasteland 3

The role-playing video game Wasteland 3 was created by inXile Entertainment and released by Deep Silver. It is Wasteland 2’s follow-up (2014) launched on August 28, 2020.

The roleplaying game is party-based and features a sophisticated plot and tactical combat. Environmental threats, fluid action mechanisms, and a player vehicle are all new additions in the third episode of the series.

You can play Wasteland 3 cooperatively with a companion or start a solo campaign. Your entire experience will be centered around a tale, whichever option you select.

The game is set to Colorado. You will aid people as part of your goal and enhance your standing in the region. You’ll be forced to take charge of situations and make difficult choices through quests and the narrative itself.

A fully voiced dialog system and an immersive setting are features of the compelling plot.

4. Doom Eternal

This is one of the most highly-rated games out there. The fifth main game in the Doom series and the follow-up to Doom is Doom Eternal (2016).

The game’s protagonist, Doomguy, is on a quest to save the planet by stopping Hell from consuming Earth and eliminating the alien Maykyr before he exterminates all human life.

Numerous new demons with more distinctive skills than before are introduced in Doom Eternal. A new dash skill will also be available to players. Since this is not your average run-and-gun game, you’ll need tactics, methods, skills, and effective resource management to master it.

The follow-up to this game won’t let down fans of the Doom franchise. Now is the perfect time to use your Steam gift card to get Doom Eternal if it has been on your wishlist.

5. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, a role-playing game, is the eighth main installment in the series and was created by Sega.

The game has entertaining, captivating gameplay and a captivating world. The game was released on November 10, 2020.

Similar to earlier games in the Yakuza series, players can engage in side quests and main series missions that provide extra rewards and entertaining activities. There is also a brand-new side activity called Dragon Kart, which is a kart racing game.

In contrast to previous games, combat in Like a Dragon is quite unique. Real-time combat was a component of earlier games, but this one employs four-person battle teams and turn-based RPG gameplay.

However, the exciting part of this game is that you may utilize real-world objects, like bicycles, to attach adversaries or kick objects at players.

6. Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a compelling Star Wars story that involved a multiplayer first-person shooter.

As a pilot, you and your group will investigate uncharted battlegrounds like Yavin Prime and the moon Galitan. The TIE fighter and X-wing are only two examples of the many starfighter classes from the Imperial and New Republic fleets that you can pilot.

Engage in epic 55 dogfights while being submerged in a fresh and original Star Wars narrative. For extra greater excitement, participate in fleet battles, multi-stage objective-based competitions. What is the main objective? to destroy your opponent’s powerful flagship.

Fans of the franchise won’t want to miss the opportunity to play Star Wars: Squadrons.

7. Troy: A Total War Saga

You can see history being made with A Total War Saga: Troy. You will decide the Aegean’s future. Your choices will have an impact on both the Lemnian deserts and Mount Olympus.

Troy blends real-time battle and vast strategy. It offers all of the features, complexity, and dynamics present in a Total War game.
Play as some of the most illustrious warriors in history, including Hector, Achilles, Paris, Menelaus, Sarpedon, Agamemnon, Aeneas, and Odysseus.

Who will stake a claim to the city of Troy first? The destiny of the land is in your hands.

A Total War Saga: Troy has challenging gameplay. It is your obligation to:

  • Control a bartering system
  • Ask the Gods for assistance.
  • Talk diplomatically to both your friends and enemies

Mythological monsters are included in the game in more realistic ways. For instance, the mythical Minotaur is a large guy covered in the skins and head of a bull.

Players will be able to worship numerous Gods at once, and gaining favor with the Gods throughout gameplay will allow you to influence battles.
If you appreciate history, mythology, and strategy games, Total War Saga: Troy ought to be on your list of must-play titles.


The 7 games addressed above are definitely what you should give a try as a Steam gift card owner. Most of them are highly rated on Steam. However, you can also decide to sell your Steam gift card for cash. The process is pretty straightforward on the Nosh app. Check it out here to download the mobile app on Playstore or Appstore.


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