The yearly Christmas is near again with gifts raining everywhere. It is normal to start thinking about the ideal for your friends, family, and other loved ones.

Have you ever thought of gift cards? They make perfect Christmas gifts rather than specific items. Gift cards are so ideal especially when there is a reason why they are chosen. They offer the recipients a wide range of choices to pick from which eliminates the pressure on you.

You can pick a gift card that offers new Christmas clothing, interesting movies to watch, or beauty products. Gift your shopping-freak friend a Shoprite gift card or your series-lover friend a Netflix gift card. This will be so much appreciated more than a random gift they might find enticing.

Let’s dive more into different kinds of gift cards for Christmas. In this article, I will recommend Top gift cards ideal as Christmas presents.

Top 10 Gift Cards For Christmas

1. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix gift card is your best option if your intended cherishes a wide range of movies and series. No more need to go to the cinema before enjoying your favorite movies. It’s synonymous with having your own movie theater right inside your home.

There is a monthly subscription of about $20 or less depending on the plans. No expiration date on the Netflix gift card which gives your receiver the freedom to use it anytime they want.

You can buy a Netflix gift card for your friends and family on the Nosh app. Sign in to your account and click on “Buy | Sell Gift Cards” > “Buy Gift Cards”.

2. Shoprite Gift Card

Did you get a friend that loves jumping around the room at the sound of shopping? Shoprite gift card is the little charm to get them raining you with kisses or repeatedly saying thank you.

The number one retail store in Nigeria right now is Shoprite with over 25 outlets. The retail store provides vouchers that can only be used at their stores across the country. Another juicy thing is that Shoprite offers discounts to customers that redeem the gift cards.

The gift cards/vouchers can be purchased at any Shoprite store or on specific online platforms. The virtual voucher will be delivered to your intended through SMS within an hour of purchase.

3. Jumia Gift Card

Jumia gift cards are unique and specific for use on Jumia’s online marketplace. The Jumia marketplace is a popular e-commerce in Nigeria with a good number of customers ordering from the comfort of their homes.

They provide gift cards in different denominations starting from NGN500. They can be used on to get any item of your choice including groceries and home appliances. Unlike many other gift cards, a Jumia gift card can only be used to make a purchase once with its value.

The Jumia gift card is valid for 12 months; you can get it on Jumia and selected online merchants.

4. Spar Gift Card

Spar is a fast-rising supermarket and department store in Nigeria that provides a wide range of items from home decoration to work needs. Do you want to relieve your loved one of some Christmas decoration items? Think Spar gift card!

Spar offers gift cards for sale and a discount is available for any purchase with their gift card. The gift is regarded as a Double Awoof gift card and it can only be used at Spar on-site stores across the country.

Spar gift cards are available for sale at any Spar location or via online merchants. The gift card is not reloadable and it is available in various denominations starting from NGN 500.

5. FilmHouse Cinema Gift Card

When it comes to cinema brands in Nigeria, Filmhouse should definitely cross your mind. They provide gift cards for customers starting from an NGN 500 value. Filmhouse cinema gift cards can be used to redeem movie tickets at any of their locations. The gift cards can also be leveraged for snacks and drinks at the cinema.

The gift card can only be used once which means it is non-refundable and non-reloadable. You can purchase the gift card at any Filmouse cinema or online shop in Nigeria.

6. Best Buy Gift Card

There are a variety of items at BestBuy which includes home appliances, tablets, laptops, smartphones, sporting accessories, and many others.

Is your loved one a gadget lover? If yes, a BestBuy gift card is perfect for them. BestBuy offers gift cards with different denominations ranging from $25 to $200.

The receiver can use the card to purchase anything they want. The worry about the ideal phone or laptop for your friend will be eliminated.

7. Target Gift Card

Got a family member who loves shopping at Target or loves shopping generally? You can never go wrong with a Target gift card.

There are different forms and denominations of Target gift cards. There are values as high as $300 and forms like physical cards and E-code.

The physical Target card can be purchased at any Target outlet and you can hand it over to your intended. Alternatively, buy an E-code that will be delivered to your email or SMS and simply share it with your intended.

8. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks is popular for coffee and food items and it strengthens relationships. Friends choose to sit at Starbucks to have a talk over a cup of coffee or snacks. The retail brand offers points for purchases. These points can be used to get free drinks.

Beyond that, you can enjoy other benefits at Starbucks with their discounts. There are certain discounts they offer through their partnership with Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Lyft.

9. Game Africa Gift Card

Game Africa is a discount retail store in Nigeria. The retail brand has stores situated in Kano, Abuja, Lagos, and Enugu.

Game Africa gift cards can be purchased in different values like NGN 500. The gift cards can be redeemed at any of their stores.

10. Amazon Gift Card

There are cases whereby you don’t know what your intended likes are for sure. Gifting them a generic gift card will be your best shot here.

I will recommend an Amazon gift card many times. Your recipient can choose to redeem it for items on the Amazon store or simply trade it for cash on Nosh.

Amazon gift cards are available in various denominations like $5, $50, and $1000. Get any of the gift cards you can afford and that’s it.


It will be wise to start making plans for Christmas while rates are still fair. As we’ve looked at there are several gift cards to pick from ideal for Christmas.

Gift cards are admirable and a way to show love to your loved ones. Fortunately, you get one as a gift and can’t utilize it due to location, that’s not a problem.

Nosh is the best gift card trading site providing a seamless process of trading gift cards for cash.

Create an account on the mobile app or on the website. You will get registered in about 2 mins with just your email address, name, phone number, and password. Input your card details and get your cool naira.

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