Google Play is recognized as the biggest app store today known for its video store, book store, and music subscription service. This contributes to why Google play gift cards are versatile. Interestingly, there are more uses for them.

Google Play Gift Card poses a solution to the restriction on under 13 getting access to a Google Play account. With the availability of Google plays gift cards, you don’t need to give your kids/siblings access to your credit card through the Family library as they can easily purchase content.

This article diagnoses everything you need to know about Google Play Gift Card. Let’s get started!

What is a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Cards are prepaid cards used to redeem items on the Google store. You can make the gift card your payment method in place of debit cards on Google Playstore.

The gift card comes in various amounts preloaded in them which determines the value or number of items the holder can shop for. For instance, a $100 Google Play gift card can only get you items or items that are worth up to $100.

As Apple’s App Store is for iOs, Google Play Store is for Android devices. The store is filled with all you require to make your phone a spot for entertainment.

Where to Buy Google Play Gift Cards?

Purchasing Google Play gift cards isn’t much of a hassle since they are readily available in a variety of places.
Amazon is that one place you can be sure of when it comes to virtual or physical gift cards. They also have gift cards that have bonus content for the games that come with the card.

PayPal also hosts various virtual gift cards ranging from $10 to $100. Physical gift cards are widely at different stores available including pharmacies, grocery stores, and big-box stores. You can also buy Virtual gift cards from most of these stores’ websites.

How to Redeem a Google Play Gift Card?

The following steps will guide you on how to redeem a Google Play Gift Card on your phone.

  1.  Visit the Google Play Store app on your Android mobile.
  2. Open the menu by tapping the three lines in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner to access the menu.
  4. Go down and choose “Redeem”
  5. Input the code
  6. Select “Redeem”
  7. Confirm the details you entered
  8. There you go, enjoy your card.

The following steps will guide you on how to redeem a Google Play card from your desktop.

  1.  Open the Google Play store website
  2. Tap on “Redeem” located on the left-hand side of the screen
  3.  Input the code
  4. Confirm the action you want to take
  5.  That’s it!


How to Check your Google Play Gift Card Balance?

It is recommended to know how much is left on your Google Play Gift Card so you can know how much your balance can afford you on the Google Playstore. The steps below will guide you on how to seamless do that:

  • Open the Playstore on your mobile device or visit the Google Play website on your system.
  • Select the picture in the upper-right corner.
  • Select “Payments and Subscriptions”.
  • Click Payment methods

Your Google Play Balance will reflect on the top of the page.

What Can I Buy With Google Play Gift Cards?

As mentioned earlier, Google Play Gift Cards are used to redeem items on the Google Playstore. The items include the following:

  1. Game
    Game lovers can leverage Google play gift cards to load their systems with various games of their choice.
  2. Movie
    Who doesn’t love movies? After a long day, you may decide to use an intestine movie to relax. Google Play gift card gives access to all the movies on the Playstore.
  3. Music
    Music lovers are also in luck here as Google Playstore has a host of music you can access as its gift card holder.
  4. Applications
    You can get apps with Google Play gift cards. Not all Playstore apps are free, some of them (the really important ones) have price tags on them and your Playstore gift card can buy them for you.
  5. Book
    For book lovers, the Playstore is loaded with different book genres that you can use the gift cards to purchase.
  6. Magazine
    As a Google Play Gift Card holder, you are opportune to read one or two magazines during your free time.
  7. Money
    Another interesting thing you enjoy as a Google Play Gift Card or any gift card at all is cool cash. No, this isn’t from Google Playstore. Nosh steps in to make this possible. The value of your gift card determines how much you get. The platform’s gift card calculator can get that sorted out for you.

How to Exchange Google Play Gift Card for Cash?

Choosing to sell your Google Play Gift Card for Cash is definitely wise. When you decide to do that, it is imperative to do that on a reliable and trustworthy platform.

Nosh is the go-to site that serves the main purpose of allowing people to sell their gift cards and get paid almost instantly.

To enjoy this benefit, follow these steps:

  • Visit or download the mobile app on Playstore. Search “Cardnosh” on Playstore then click install.
  • Create an account. The process is simple. Ensure you sign up if this is your first time and then log in later with your exact details.
  • Select Google Play Gift Card on the first page. You can swipe the gift card image or just select it from the drop-down list.
  • Click the button below the text that says “Click here to begin”
  • Proceed to the next page and then select the subcategory of your Google Play gift card.
  • Enter the amount of the gift card you want to sell and also select the currency you want to be paid e.g naira
  • Continue to upload the gift card picture or input the ecode as the case may be.
  • Click on “Sell”. You will be notified after the trade has been confirmed. Proceed by clicking on “Submit”.


Google Play Gift Card is one of the gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria today.

I hope this article has given you enough insight into the amazing things Google play gift card can get you as its holder.

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