If you’re hearing about digital gift cards for the first time, then you may be asking yourself the question; ‘what is a digital gift card?’


In this article, I will shed light on what a digital gift card is and how it works. I will also answer some questions that will give you deeper insight into the card.


What is a Digital Gift Card?

Digital gift cards refer to codes from retailers which are delivered to you through email. The cards work just like the normal cards, however, a code will be emailed to you in the case of digital gift cards. You can either use this code online or in the store, depending on the retailer that issued the code.


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How is a Digital Gift Card Sent?

It is sent and also delivered through email, text, or app. Depending on the retailer, the delivery time can be immediately and can also take about 24 hours.


Where Can I Buy the Card?

It can be bought online. Simply visit any restaurant or retailer site and go to their gift card page to find out if they have virtual gift cards. In some cases, brands run promotions with a gift card purchase such as buy one, get one.


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How Do Digital Gift Cards Work?

Digital gift cards can work in the following ways:



You can either supply the gift card numbers while you’re about to check out on the payment screen, or you can upload the amount of the gift card to your account. The specific action you take depends on the retailer.



Show the digital gift card that you want to redeem at the register. Also, you can print it out using a home printer and then take it to a store where it will be redeemed.


You can only use some digital gift cards online. Ensure you call the gift card retailer’s customer service to know what applies to yours.


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What Happens if You Lock Yourself Out of the Card?

When you use the wrong pin, you will be locked out by the system for 15 minutes. The best way to solve this is to wait for the 15 minutes to elapse and then try again. Apart from this, there is no other option you can use when you’re locked out of your card.


How Do You Check Your Digital Gift Card Balance?

You need to check the terms and conditions on your card to get information on how you can check your balances.


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What if You Lose Your Digital Gift Card?

A digital gift card is valuable and should thus, be safeguarded. If you lose your card, you can easily reprint it provided you have bookmarked it in your browser. You can also click on the link contained in the original email the retailer sent to you.

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