How to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria - Gift Cards To Naira

Selling gift cards is not as difficult as it sounds. In reality, during the last year, gift card exchange in Nigeria has taken a positive turn. If you have a gift card you wish to sell for cash, you have landed in the correct place. Even though there are numerous platforms in Nigeria that buy and sell gift cards, the more you understand the process, the easier it becomes.

If you have a gift card and want to sell it for cash or cryptocurrency, there are a few things you should know before proceeding with the transaction in order to protect your funds. There are so many rippers out there.

So, how do you tell the difference between the real and the fake?

1. Know who your buyer is.
Knowing who your buyer is is highly recommended. Know who you’re selling your gift card to before you sell it. When the buyer is anonymous, the chances of being scammed are extremely high. Use extremely trusted platforms like NOSH, to prevent being cheated.

2. Collaborate with a buyer who pays promptly.
Make sure your buyer pays you as soon as possible before you decide to sell your gift card. Find out how long a payment will take from him. At NOSH, our Payment rate is so fast, Usain Bolt would be jealous. After a transaction is finished, payment is made within 5 minutes.

3. Make certain that the pricing being offered are accurate.
Many merchants aim to persuade sellers by offering attractive pricing. Whatever rate is being offered, you should be certain of it. You can also try to bargain for better prices if the rates supplied are not to your advantage. At NOSH, we offer excellent services at competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else.


Using a well-known gift card exchange platform like NOSH is the smartest and safest option to sell your gift cards. iTunes, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Play, Apple Store, Sephora, Nordstrom, Visa, American Express, Target, and others are all accepted at NOSH. Our platform provides security, which means there will be no delays and ZERO SCAMS. We also make certain that every customer has the best possible trading experience. As previously stated, you do not need to be concerned about prices because we provide the finest rates accessible.

To get started, get the NOSH App and create an account.

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