Amazon gift card is admired by so many people because of the variety of choices they present to online shoppers. Several firms, businesses, and companies leverage Amazon gift cards as appreciation stipends to their staff. For individuals that buy Amazon gift cards, it is no surprise that many do not know how they work and the facts attached to them.

Amazon gift card has the best features that entice users to buy and use them. The gift card is one of the most popular gift card ideals as gifts before the lockdown and didn’t lose its wonder even post-lockdown.

The retail brand has improvised to provide many services that the card can pay for. Let’s check out the wonders surrounding Amazon gift cards here. In this article, I will address what you need to know about Amazon gift cards.

What is Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are prepaid cards loaded with a certain monetary value and eligible to make payments on Amazon online and in-store.

The gift card can be used to make purchases of items on the Amazon store and any of its merchant partners. They come in various types and denominations. Let’s look at the different forms.

Types of Amazon Gift Cards

There are various forms of Amazon gift cards. Let’s look at them below:

1. Amazon e-gift card

Amazon e-gift cards are purchased via email and not bought at physical stores like the physical card. When purchasing the E-code, you can choose a card with the preloaded amount or decide the amount you want. It is available to everyone interested in buying. Once purchased, it will be delivered within five minutes all things being equal.

2. A Print at Home Amazon gift card

When a print-at-home Amazon gift card is purchased, it will be delivered as a PDF. It is also referred to as a DIY Amazon gift card since you get to print it yourself after a successful purchase.

3. Amazon Physical gift cards

Amazon gift cards are purchased as plastic cards with customized packages delivered to a specific address upon purchase. Customers can also walk into any Amazon on-site stores to purchase the card.

4. Amazon Reload

Amazon Reload card is purchased to top up your used Amazon gift card. Be aware that Amazon Reload works for any other form of Amazon gift card.

5. Amazon Speciality Gift Card

These are gift cards that can be used at certain retail brands including Starbucks, Apple, Steam, Whole Foods, Uber, and many others.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are bought online just like any other product. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Amazon official website
  • Navigate to the Gift Card section
  • Pick any kind of Amazon card you want to get
  • Type in the intended amount
  • Add the card to your cart
  • Make payment

Alternatively, buy your gift card on the Nosh with the following easy steps:

  • Go to Playstore or Appstore to download the mobile Nosh app.
  • Sign up for an account and sign in.
  • Click on “Buy | Sell Gift Card”
  • Select “Buy Gift Cards”.
  • Select the gift card name
  • Input the amount you want to buy
  • Swipe to complete “Buy”

Facts About Amazon Gift Cards

1. Amazon provides a wide range of customized selections for their gift cards. This gives customers the choice to personalize their gift cards. There are a good number of designs available on Amazon to pick from.

2. Amazon gift cards do not expire. This means that no matter the year difference between you got it and intend to use it, it will always be available for use.

3. You can not share your Amazon gift card balance with anyone. Neither can you use it to purchase another amazon card or third-party cards like Apple gift cards or Steam gift cards.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

Compared to other online retail stores, Amazon gift card does not allow users to use gift cards during checkout. Gift card activation isn’t required for Amazon gift cards. However, you need to redeem the gift card funds in your Amazon account before they can be used to purchase items.

After redeeming your gift card, the funds will be added to your Amazon account balance.

Regarding Amazon specialty gift cards, their redemption process is determined by the retail brand/company the gift card is for. Different redemption processes for different companies. So, how you can redeem an Amazon card for Google Play is not the same as for Sephora.

Other forms of Amazon gift cards can be redeemed in two ways namely mobile phone and desktop.

How To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card via Mobile Phone

  • Go to the Amazon app on your device or load the site on your browser.
  • Sign in with your correct details
  • Click on “Hello”
  • Then, choose your payment option
  • Click on “Amazon Gift Card”
  • Tap “Redeem a Gift Card”
  • Input your card number and PIN code
  • Hit “Apple to Your Balance”

How To Redeem Your Gift Card via Desktop

  • Visit the Amazon website and log in
  • Select the Account option right under Hello
  • Choose Account from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Your Payments option (you can skip the first three steps by using the Redeem a Gift Card link)
  • Select Amazon Gift Card
  • Tap on “Redeem a Gift Card”
  • Type in your gift card number and PIN code
  • Tap “Apply to Your Balance”

What Are Some Common Issues With Gift Cards?

After following the outlined steps and redeeming the card, your fund will be added to your account. However, there are cases where errors occur. Let’s look at some of them:

The Amazon gift card has been used

This error occurs when you are trying to redeem an Amazon gift card that has already been redeemed and used for purchases.

The credit was applied to the wrong account

This happens because gift cards can’t be shared or transferred to another Amazon account. Ensure you are logged in to your personal Amazon account before attempting.

In a case where you are convinced of your account, this may be due to a server error. Wait for a few minutes and try again.


Sell your Amazon gift card for cash on the Nosh app. Sign up for an account and trade your gift card swiftly. Enjoy fast and safe transactions. 

The gift card rate calculator feature will inform you of the expected fund for your gift card.

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