Gift cards used to be worthless a few years ago. Once you have a gift card that you no longer require, your only option is to abandon it. In more recent times, such is not the case anymore. Several sites available right now enable the exchange of gift cards for cash. You could receive a gift card once in your life that you don’t need. Let’s say you wanted to give a Steam gift card to a non-gamer. What purpose would he make of it? Nothing. What was it useful for then?

Two gift card exchange platforms, in particular, have drawn attention. Due to their reputation for accountability and integrity, they have carved out a space for themselves in the industry and gained some sway. It is necessary to give Patricia’s Glover and Nosh some praise.

What is a Gift Card?

Gift cards are preloaded cards with a certain amount to buy items online, use as gifts for loved ones, or for other financial uses. There are two major types of gift cards which are Open Loop gift cards and Closed-Loop gift cards.

Closed-Loop gift cards are available at different retail stores including Amazon, Walmart, and many others. The gift card holders are entitled to purchase whatever they want from any retailer. This type of card can only be used once which means they are not reloadable.

When you exhaust the loaded fund on a closed-loop card, it has no more use. The disadvantage to a closed-loop gift card is that it always comes with an expiration date. This means the gift card holder needs to spend the loaded fund before the expiry date. These gift cards are perfect for weddings, baby showers, and other similar events. 

Open-loop gift cards are similar to debit and credit cards that can be used where they are acceptable. In contrast to closed-loop gift cards, they are reloadable which allows customers to add funds anytime. 

Furthermore, I’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of Glover and Nosh side by side, and you can determine which is the best app for selling gift cards in Nigeria in September 2022.

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The NOSH App (also known as CardNosh) has been a huge success since completely focusing its services on making the conversion of gift cards to cash seamless. Now you can instantly and from anywhere sell gift cards for naira or cedis.

A platform that assures its users competitive rates, quick transactions, fast payments and a positive user experience. In many ways, selling gift cards online requires determination. You always enjoy the best possible gift card rates at Nosh. The Nosh platform recognise that enticing service and delivery are essential to getting you to use the service again.

NOSH 2.0 — What's New?. In the first quarter of September, NOSH… | by Nosh NG | Medium

Services Rendered by Nosh App

1. Gift Card to Cash

You can sell Gift Cards such as Steam, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes for cash seamlessly on the NOSH App. Did you receive a gift card during an occasion and you don’t have a need for it and you need cash in its stead, easily carry on that transaction on the Nosh App. That’s the core service CardNosh renders swiftly and conveniently.

2. Purchase Gift Cards

You can buy your desired gift cards on the NOSH App. Whether you need to purchase gift cards like Steam, Google Play or Razer Gold for your gaming platform or you need to purchase the Netflix gift card for your Netflix subscription renewal, the Nosh App offers you the best rates and services.

3. Airtime and data top-up

The Nosh App also allows you to refill your airtime and data. It’s one of the simplest things you can do. It’s easy, free and convenient.

4. Fund Bet Account

You can without stress and delay fund your bet account on the Nosh App. Simply log on to the app. Initiate a transaction; trading an unwanted gift card or funding your account. Afterwards, select ‘Bills’, then proceed by clicking ‘Betting’. Select your desired betting platform, input your ID and amount. And proceed by selecting .Purchase’.

5. Cable / TV subscription

With ease pay your cable bills such as Dstv, Gotv and StarTimes. You’ll need to siimply log on to the app, begin a transaction by trading an unwanted gift card or funding your account. Then select ‘Bills’, then proceed by clicking ‘Cable | TV Bills’ and settle your TV subscriptions, faster, easier and affordably.

6. Electricity Bills

You can also settle your light bills on your Nosh App. There are several states available on the app with the meter types like Prepaid and Postpaid meters.

7. Wifi / Internet subscription

Easily settle your Wifi Provider on your Nosh App. Whether Spectranet or Smile internet providers can be paid via the Nosh App. Simply input the Wifi plan of your choice and other details and select ‘Purchase’.

Glover App

Glover, one of the most rapidly expanding companies in Africa, was established on March 25th, 2021. It has a foothold in Ghana and is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Glover app is a platform for trade that focuses mostly on buying and selling gift cards. It was created with the goal of providing its users with a world free from financial restrictions.

Previously, Patricia was used for all-digital asset exchange. Patricia gave Glover complete control over all gift card activities. Why does this matter? Frankly, not much has changed; nonetheless, there are a two points you should be aware of, these are: Gift cards can only be exchanged on Glover by alone and the only acceptable form of payment is cash when you exchange gift cards.

Services Rendered by Glover App

1. Excess airtime to cash

This aspect of the Glover App is well-liked by most people.  You must be able to exchange the airtime on your phone for real money in order to convert airtime to cash. This programme can assist you in converting your Airtime to money if you’re a student or someone who finds yourself with more credit than they anticipated.

2. Pay bills

You can renew your Dstv, GOtv, Spectranet, Swift 4G, and other subscriptions using the Glover App.

3. Buy data and airtime

You can use the Glover app to buy airtime and data bundles from your preferred network provider.

4. Perfect Money

Perfect Money helps make instant payments and transfers online. You can buy and sell money on the Glover app, but you need a Perfect Money account before doing so.

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Wrapping Up

The cards are now on the table for you to choose the best from. Nosh has the better review rating on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. Nosh is simple, quick, and safe. The speed of service provides users with the confidence that they will be able to acquire basic items in the comfort of their own home. There is no doubt that Nosh provides excellent services in order to make life easier for its platform’s users (NOSHers).

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